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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Fit While Networking

I spend a lot of time on the phone. Not only do I talk to my own clients but a lot of people call me to pick my brain about topics like blogging, marketing, business conflict resolution tips, you name it I've probably talked to someone about it. Some of these calls are brief, others not so much. So one day I was talking to Lea McIntosh of The Wedding Chat and had an idea. Needing to get into a healthier eating schedule I suggested we should have a standing lunch once a month where we could talk and eat at the same time.

She said sure but knowing I also wanted to exercise more she also suggested going for a walk after lunch. I thought that was a great idea! Then it hit me that we could create a brand new method of networking where we walk as we talk... Fitness networking!

We began by meeting once or twice a week to walk for 2 hours at a time. At the pace we are going that equates to 6 miles. I even carry 3 lb hand weights to boost my workout. We decided we better try it out for a couple of months with just the two of us to make sure we would be disciplined enough ourselves to keep up with it. We're just about at the point where we are ready to officially launch The Wedding Walkers. I really think this idea is going to take off! 

So if you are stuck in an office all day I encourage you to start a fitness walking club of your own. It's fun, easy and a great social activity.

Because we walk along a creek there is plenty of fauna around. We've seen everything from a pelican to herons, cormorants, pigeons and ducks to squirrels and tiny frogs.

This is an extreme close up of a tiny frog that was sitting on the walking trail one morning. I had to give him a push to get him to leap into the grass and avoid being stepped on by a walker or run over by a cyclist.

This is how tiny he really was. I had my camera set on macro and about 3 inches away from him to get the close up above.

LOL Andrew Hsu from Studio MSV just emailed me this photo of a great accouterment to The Wedding Walkers. A walkers laptop desk! Now if the weather is good we can walk, talk and work all at the same time. I LOVE IT!


  1. One of these days I'm going to make it to the Wedding Walkers functions.. The portable laptop holder is AWESOME... How totally dorky would we look, but imagine how much work we could get done. Can we walk, talk and blog all at the same time... Hmmm... LOL..

  2. LOL with an iphone you could take pictures and live blog them from the walking trail.

  3. just be careful you don't walk into a tree or something! :P

  4. What a great idea, Stacie... I wish I live close enough to join this program... maybe someday, you never know! I haven't used my iPhone for live blog yet, but I will try real soon!

  5. Oh, and I love that networking logo you made... it totally looks like you and Lea! =)

  6. Walking into a tree? LOL I'm sure we would :P

    Hi Evonne,
    Maybe someday when I come to Hawaii we can organize a walk while I'm there? And thanks for liking the logo. We're going to put it on t-shirts for when we walk :D


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