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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Pale Pink Custom Cake Topper

I just shipped this Flirty Bride cake topper to one of The Flirty Guide Treasure Hunt winners for her wedding next month. Her request was a light pink and ivory floral topper.

What I love most about creating custom cake toppers online is my ability to still work closely with my brides whether they live in the Bay Area or the East Cost.

By creating individual sample flowers and letting my clients approve them online, then assembling the entire topper and letting them approve a photo of the finished piece before shipping, they have as much input into the process as if they were sitting in my showroom for a private consultation.

After the client reviewed the elements of this topper we decided, to save labor costs, to use silk flower daisies, replacing the centers with Swarovski crystals, to avoid the higher cost associated with the more labor intensive beaded wire daisies.

The finished piece, approved by the client online before shipping.


  1. Everything you design/create is AMAZING. It would be hard to choose. I love the dragonflies!

  2. I love it! So whimsical and girlie! :)

  3. This pale pink cake topper reminds me of the one you did for Brittina's wedding. It's sooooo beautiful! You are just too talented!

  4. They are so beautiful, Stacie... I want one too (maybe not for a cake but for my office desk)! Maybe I can email you a photo and you can send me a quote! =)

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Hopefully I'll be making a couple more unique toppers in the very near future that I'll be able to share with you. I've been contacted by not one, but two brides who are both interested in airplane toppers like the one I did a few years ago. But with different types of planes :D

  6. Oh and Evonne for sure I'd love to make a topper for you. I think we should mix in some of Dianne's gorgeous clay orchids. The green ones right? Maybe the orchids at the base with the dragonflies coming out on the spirals?

  7. These creations are so unique and pretty. The dragonflies are my favorite!


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