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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Samovar Tea Lounge and Cynthia Glinka

Green tea and dancing? One really has nothing to do with other... Then again maybe Cynthia drinks green tea? But last night it was geographic proximity that brought the two near each other in SF then together here on my blog.

Another day, another networking event, another drive up to San Francisco. But what a gorgeous day it was! That's the SF Modern Museum of Art in red brick with the big grey circle on top of it.

I had arrived in the city a bit early to beat the traffic and had two choices of how to spend my free time... Go to the Ferry Building to buy cookies and cakes at one of my fav patisseries, Miette, or head over to the Yerba Buena Gardens to visit the Samovar Tea Lounge.

While both chocolate and green tea contain antioxidants... I suspect the healthier option between the two will always be the tea since it is sugar free. In the end I opted for Samovar Tea Lounge... Normally I order the Ryokucha green tea but feeling bold I decided to try the Lobocha Sencha last night. It was wonderful, flavorful, oh so smooth and very healthy!

So after my tea break I headed out to meet up with a colleague at an industry networking event. Here is Armando (Get Your Do Up) with Johanna (Floral Sense) who I just met for the first time last night.

And that's me (Stacie Tamaki) with Gabby (Cake Coquette) the amazing cake maker who created the Fabergé Egg Cake Toppers recently featured here on the blog.

My usual beverage of choice, club soda with a lime twist.

And here is Armando dancing with dance coach, choreographer and entertainer Cynthia Glinka who was there to teach all of us a smooth move or two. I quickly realized after sitting closest to the dance floor that I would be in trouble. I tried to get Armando to change seats with me but he wouldn't. And I was right. As soon as she stepped onto the dance floor Cynthia looked for a volunteer and who was sitting front and center? Me, of course. Once I took my spin across the floor with her I scurried off, stage right, and pretty much stayed seated the rest of the evening preferring instead to document others learning to dance.

That's Cynthia coming over to coach Johanna and Armando who were looking pretty darn snappy by the end of the evening. It was great fun both the learning to dance and watching others. Cynthia is very fun and entertaining. For brides and grooms learning to do more then the "stand and sway" would be time well spent to make your first dance a memorable one. Especially if you've hired a videographer for your wedding day!

I grabbed this one last shot as I was leaving the parking garage. I just thought the lights looked pretty cool... all glowy and different colors.


  1. You are always in the know! :) Love reading about the industry networking events! :) Looks like you all had fun.

  2. I know some professional get tired of going to industry events but I really enjoy them! It's such a great way to keep in touch with everyone and to meet new people.


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