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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Martini Madness at Mist Ultra Lounge • San Francisco

Love this picture of the Bay Bridge! Taken out the car window while on my way to a Martini Madness event earlier this week.

Because Martini Madness is a networking only event, I always go to dinner first. I LOVE dining in San Francisco. That night my friend and colleague Carl Mindling and I went to one of my all time favorite restaurants: Basil. It's a really great Thai restaurant on Folsom that was just a few blocks from our destination. I had the Gai Prik Khing with tofu (crispy sliced tofu & string beans wok tossed with sweet kaffir prik khing chili)...

Carl had the Porpia Sod (fresh rolls of vegetables & tofu served with crushed peanuts, chili, lime vinaigrette) both were fantastic! They do serve all kinds of meat dishes too.... We just didn't order any of them.

After dinner we headed over to Mist located in the South of Market district. You know it's a cool place when there's no sign out front...

Because of the low light conditions this evening was the perfect opportunity to learn more about using the manual settings on my camera's flash. A special thanks to Rebecca. Your advice (showing me how to adjust the settings) was extremely helpful and I'm now practicing taking more pictures in low light to improve my skills. Yesterdays ketchup pictures were an example of my practicing.

The Lounge

Gabby (Cake Coquette) and Lea McIntosh (The Wedding Chat)

Karen and Carl on the upstairs, transparent, dance floor...

Here's a hot picture of that upstairs transparent dance floor taken by my friend Chung Li who also gave me some great night shooting pointers with my camera.

That's Christine Torrington, Duncan Reyes and Jasmine Wang. As always a HUGE thanks to Duncan. Without him there would be no Martini Madness. No getting together in the coolest of the cool places up in the city and the south bay. Thanks for all you do to help the rest of us have such a great way to network, meeting new people, visiting with old friends, all while having a total blast!

I'll have a brief follow up to this post in a day or two regarding a terribly embarrassing thing I did at MIST. And I wasn't even drinking so I can't even say I was *tipsy* and that's why I committed a faux pas :P


  1. Great shots, I guess Rebecca's advise really paid off:) Great to see you at Martini Madness.

  2. OMG, Basil is one of my favorites in SOMA. I love their scallops with the tempura long beans. Hmmm... SO good! I HAVE to go there the next time I am in town!

  3. Hey Orbie,

    Thanks for dropping by! My pictures from MIST would not have been good if not for Rebecca. Please give her a big "Thank You" hug from me!

    I love Basil. I've been going there for about a decade now and the food and service has always been top notch.

  4. I've never been to Basil, but the shots you took look super delicious... Now I'm craving Thai Food. Add that to the next stop we have another industry event if we carpool together. :)


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