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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Wire Horse Sculpture

I've said in my bio that when I was a kid I drew horses, horses and more horses. The first drawing book I ever had was How to Draw Horses by Walter T. Foster. In it Mr. Foster showed how by using simple lines and shapes anyone could draw a horse. So in my head I've always seen the shape of a horse in a linear format.

This was of no real consequence until one day while in college, it was some kind of 3D sculpting class, our instructor told us to bring to class a spool of hardware wire, pliers and wire cutters. We arrived realizing we were going to create a wire sculpture of some type but we had no idea what. When the instructor started the class they basically said something along the lines of "You have 3 hours. Make something."

I vaguely recall a collective groan coming from the room... Most of the other students ended up making spheres or oddly shaped asymmetrical objects. But me? I had an idea. I was going to make a horse, just like the linear horses of Walter Foster... But out of wire. Not only that I immediately knew just which horse I was going to make.

My favorite Breyer model horse from when I was a little kid. The Indian Pony. I'd memorized the shape of that horse pretty much every which way to Sunday. So with a single piece of wire I began.

This is not the actual horse I made that day in class. I gave that one to a friend who really liked it. When I saw her at my 10 year high school reunion she told me she still had it. I'd forgotten all about it but remembering made me want to make another one. So here it is. My second wire horse sculpture made from a single strand of hardware store wire. I have to admit I gave it a bit more of an Arabian horse profile but it was similar...

The way I avoided cutting the wire was by doubling it then back wrapping a bit to hold two sections of wire together. LOL my macro function might be a little too good. I had no idea the sculpture was this dusty until I saw the close ups.

Today a friend messaged me that she is going to make a wire sculpture and wanted to know if I had any tips to share with her. I wanted to photograph my horse to show her how to make these joints.

It's really amazing how from something as simple as wire you can create something, recognizable and in an odd way, even beautiful.

I guess this was my first hint that I had an affinity for working with wire. Pretty much everything I make in my couture bridal accessory line for The Flirty Bride is a combination of wire and beads. Who knew way back then that working with wire would someday become my "thing."

I'll be posting some other super cool wire creations for you soon made by my friend and artist Corinne Okada so stay tuned :D


  1. Is there seriously anything you don't do??? Oh yeah... lunch... Although my hubby said if you swung by with sandwich fixings he would have made you a really great sandwich even though he just got operated on. LOL. :)

  2. Stacie,

    I LOVE these horses! Of course, you collected Breyer horses too. When I was 18 I unloaded EVERYTHING from my past. I sold about 50 Breyer horses to a young girl for about $100 at a garage sale. You could only imagine the sparkle in her eye. Anyways, I will have to see if I can twist your arm and make me one out of wire. To new beginnings! : ). You are truly gifted!

  3. Wow that is amazing!
    I love sketching horses =)
    I aspire to one day be a starving artist as a minor side job to being a SAHM to an officer's wife haha.

    You did a great job!

  4. Stacie, this horse is so awesome. I want one!

  5. Stacie,

    Thank you very much for uploading these pictures. I'm doing an art project in school on Horses and I was instructed to make a sculpture of a clay horse with a wire armature. These pictures helped me delvelop my own wire armature, thank you. Some of these pictures have found their way onto my 'Support Studies for 3D' page with your name underneath because you deserve all the pulication and credit possible because this wire sculpture is amazing. I tottaly agree, they are beautiful. Congratulations and best of luck in future projects.

    Thanking you,
    A Very Grateful Young Amateur Horse Sculptor

  6. Anonymous,

    I'm so glad you found this post useful! Please feel free to send a photo of your finished clay horse sculpture if you would like it added to the post. I would love to feature it on The Flirty Guide.

    If you drop me a message using the contact form on The Flirty Guide:


    And I will send you a link to an image uploader :D

    Congrats on getting through your project!

  7. Anonymous here again ( :

    My project isn't finished yet and my sculpture is only in progress. If my sculpture isn't terrible I will send you a photo of it. And if it is I won't, it would only bring down the quality of your article.

  8. Aw Anonymous,

    Whatever you make will be great. Here's the thing: It's nice when things turn out just like we want and envision they will but really and truly, it's the willingness to try to do something you don't know how to do, that's what's really great imo. Even failed or poor attempts are worth celebrating because it means you didn't let fear of failure hold you back.

    LOL I just posted a really ucky (yet somehow hilarious) picture of me on a blog post yesterday to show my far less than perfect attempt at public speaking. But as bad as the picture is I'm still proud of it because I got up there in front of a room full of people and tried.

    I hope your horse turns out just the way you're envisioning it will but if it doesn't don't be afraid to share it with me. If you don't want it published I won't. I l just ove to see inspiration come to fruition :)


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