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Friday, November 14, 2008

Claudia Akers & Amazáe Launch Party

Congratulations are in order! That's super sweet and talented TFG wedding photographer Claudia Akers and wedding coordinator/event designer Crystal Lequang celebrating the grand opening of "le studio de design" their new collaborative design studio located in San Jose, California.

Armando of "Get Your Do Up!" came early to pamper the girls for their big night.

"le studio de design"

Of course having an event designer like Crystal as one of the Studio owners guaranteed the entire event would be a knock-out and she didn't disappoint. Everything was absolutely wonderful. So fun!

No detail was goo small... Just look at this black and white wall. It was sparkly! Tiny, rhinestone crystals adorned the pattern making it twinkle in the candle and chandelier light.

Here I sat and watched a video of Claudia on an on-location photo shoot. Very cool! ETA: I just found out the video is by Studio MSV CLICK HERE to watch a short version of it on Andrew Hsu's blog.

Doesn't this room just scream warm and inviting?

And the party started! Located outside in a tent set up just for the evening I saw lots of friends and colleagues including one that I hadn't seen in months!

That's Mr. Martini Madness himself, Duncan Reyes with Flirty Guide ikebana artist and floral designer Karen Hsu.

And awesome videographer/film maker Mr. Vendor Chic himself, Andrew Hsu. (No relation to Karen except that they are both part of the TFG family.)

And 2 more TFG professionals radio personality and wedding DJ Rich Amooi with weddding videographer David Ethridge. Remember the day I was David's assistant?

Two more TFG professionals that's event designer Lea Mcintosh with TFG newcomer Natti Pierce-Thomson of North American Theatre Technology, a special events and theatrical lighting company.

And TFG's favorite jazz musician Robbie Schlosser, founder, cornet and string bass player of the Magnolia Jazz Band and yup that's me.

Three great florists: Ingela Ruschin, Karen Hsu and Nicole Ha

The party!

LOL I almost turned into a pumpkin! I told my hubby I would be home around ten. I didn't leave until after 11:00! It was a blast and I was having too much fun chatting with Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini from MB Wedding Design and Events and John Woods,  who created the draping and lighting for the evening, to go home. Thanks so much for the invitation Claudia and Crystal! Your studio is gorgeous and I am certain your future clients will love, love love it!

It was quite a night, in fact my evening began attending an event up in San Francisco at 5:00 pm, followed by me getting stuck in traffic for waaaaaaay too long to get back down to the South Bay for Claudia and Crystal's party. I'll be blogging about "The Wedding Ring" event any day now. Just have to get a few more pictures together.

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