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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm Kicking Ass and Taking Names! Woo Hoo I'm One of the "Best of the best" Bloggers on Alltop.com

Well I'm not really taking names, but apparently I do kick some ass. LOL

Alltop, confirmation that I kick ass

I am THRILLED to announce that my little ol' fun and flirty blog has been accepted to the hot list of top bloggers on Alltop.com.

If you aren't familiar with it, Alltop is a collection of some of the top blogs on the internet. They describe themselves as a "digital magazine rack" where users go to peruse categorized topics, find blog titles of the top blogs within each category and view the 5 most recently posted items (with links) within each blog. Their goal is to provide "aggregation without aggravation."

For a mere mortal such as myself this is all very exciting. Alltop was co-founded by Will Mayall, Kathryn Henkens and a guy named Guy Kawasaki. As many of you know I am constantly online surfing the web and learning new stuff and no matter where I am or what I'm reading I can't help but notice that I hear Guy's name pretty much everywhere I go. Whether I'm at one of the Apple Geek dinners I attend, having lunch at the Apple cafeteria and especially in blog references and on various websites all over the internet I'm always seeing and hearing Guy's name mentioned by his friends, fans and colleagues. In my mind Guy is a mythical Apple guy/book author/web entrepreneur/venture capitalist/marketing/internet super hero. And now my little blog is part of one of his creations. Awesome!

Alltop is a website with a great sense of humor. Here are more of the web badges available to Alltop Bloggers to post on their blogs:

Alltop, all the cool kids (and me)

Alltop. Bribes work.

Alltop. Seriously?! I got in?

Alltop. We're kind of a big deal.

Well, I have to go do a Tae Bo workout now. Being strong enough and limber enough to kick ass doesn't come as easily as it used to when I was younger.

To the powers that be at Alltop, thanks so much for the inclusion! I'll continue to do my best to be worthy of the honor.

If you want to go straight to the wedding page to see The Flirty Guide on Alltop.com just CLICK HERE.


  1. Hi Stacie, Robbie here. Congratulations -- You've been setting a great example, now if we can only figure out how to carry on!

  2. Thanks Robbie and Lea! This is really exciting. Hmmm I might have to get a cupcake to celebrate with tomorrow :P

  3. It was only a matter of time girlfriend, only a matter of time. :) YOU ROCK! :)

  4. YAY! Congrats, Stacie! Good seeing you on the Alltop list as well! Guy is the coolest... make sure you follow him on Twitter too!

  5. kicking ass is a fun hobby. enjoy it.


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