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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Anonymous Donor is offering $500...

Thank you so much to all of you who voted! Disappointingly Measle's Animal Haven didn't win the grand prize in the Care2 contest so I won't be able to award the $500 prize offered by an anonymous donor... But the $50 cash prize I sponsored I'll be giving that away right now!

And the winner of the $50 cash prize is...

Ron Grandia! Congratulations Ron. I'll be contacting you today to let you know!

................. Below is the original post .................

An Anonymous Donor is offering $500 as a cash prize to one of the Flirty Blog readers "IF" Measles Animal Haven wins the grand prize of $10,000 for receiving the most votes in the CARE2 contest. If they don't win the contest I will personally sponsor a $50 cash prize to be given to one of you in a random drawing. If you already voted last week go ahead and post a comment here to enter the drawing.

The top voted rescue or shelter will receive $10,000! So far in 2008 Measle's Animal Haven has saved over 200 dogs and puppies! Those of you who have pets know that expenses add up quickly. So imagine feeding and vetting literally dozens of dogs each month and hundreds by the end of the year and you can see where $10,000 would come in really handy.

The prize will actually not be cash since we'll most likely need to mail it to the winner. But for the blog I thought the image of actual money was more exciting then a picture of a cashiers check.


1. CLICK HERE to visit the CARE2 website to vote anonymously or with your own name. The voting box is on the right side of the page and there are only 4 things to enter: your name, a valid email address, your zip code and whether you want your vote to be posted anonymously or with your own name.

2. Then be sure to come back here and either post a comment with a link to your own website or blog where there is contact information so we can let you know if you won, or send me a message and include your email address and that it is a "Measles entry" and I will enter you in the contest while keeping your contact information private.

Entries are based on the honor system so if you post here that you voted, we'll believe you.

Be sure to click on the little opt out box if you don't want to receive additional alerts about other causes. Though I will say that I've been subscribed to this site for a year or two now and have signed many petitions against the slaughter of horses, the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, many dog related causes and any other petitions regarding animal cruelty.


  1. I already voted when it was first posted, but please pass any cash on to measles. (fingers crossed!)

  2. I voted! We actually have an office in Dublin, OH. Always happy to help with the animal stuff :)

  3. I just voted and I feel gooood!

  4. Thank you all for voting! I and the pups really appreciate it :D

  5. Thank you for voting Samson and Madison :o)

  6. Thanks for posting Stacie,This is wonderful. Placed our vote. Paws crossed and fingers too.:)(DarlaM's Mom)

  7. My Maddie Mae said it was a
    "Must Vote" So we did!!!


  8. I just voted and I feel gooood!


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