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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Artique Opening • Los Gatos, CA

The brain child of photographer Tanja Lippert, Artique is both a new photo gallery and gift boutique on Main Street in downtown Los Gatos, CA. At Artique Tanja has created a new experience for those seeking professional photography. The concept as Jill Johnson described it on her blog is:

" One of the things that I’m most ecstatic about is that each of us has our own specialty in the process from beginning to end and that the client will get the best of everyone instead of just the good of one person. Team members range from customer service, marketing, styling and make up, photography, assisting, album and product design, to technical support and so on. "

And those girls know how to throw a party!

That's Tanja on the left posing for me in true "modelesque" style."

And that's Jill Johnson and Mike Steelman. Jill is also a part of Artique. Though I've conversed with Jill by both email and phone several times, this was the first time we were able to meet in person.

Ah Flamingo is that mistletoe you're wearing? You may remember seeing the Jill's Flamingo in a past post when it attended Orbie Pullen's launch party at his new studio in Soquel.

Janae Shields, with Flirty wedding videographer David Ethridge and photographer Claudia Akers

So here are some of the cute gift items available to purchase at Artique... Cute holiday stockings hung all in a row.

And check out these super cute little metal purses.

Shopping for a baby gift?

Nicole D'Ambra and DJ Carl Mindling

LOL almost as soon as I walked through the door I was in this fun shot with all of the girls. Kathleen Kirkpatrick from the Montalvo Arts Center immediately to my right, took a very fun photo of me taking a picture of her with my iPhone. I told her my hubby would love it since he helped make the original iPhone and the Apple logo was prominently displayed in her photo :)

Photo by: Kathleen Kirkpatrick

I loved the images on the back wall.

With Carl Mindling who I must thank for allowing me to borrow his camera for the evening. I did bring mine but it fell out of my purse in the car. To save me the trip of walking back for it not only did he allow me to use his, he then emailed all of the images to me. What a great friend.

Congratulations Tanja! Your new studio is gorgeous and I'm certain your brides, and those of your colleagues, are going to love it! Thanks so much for including me in your fun night. Wishing you every success!

The Artique Photographers consist of: Kristy Behrs, Tanja Lippert, Jill Johnson, and Karen Rustin


  1. Stacie,

    It was great having you hear and I"m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the kind words. All of us are so excited to be part of the great team of tanja lippert photographers and Artique.

  2. awww, so rad! i found a kristy behr who looks just like ME! kristy behrs!!! :)

    awesome post...so glad to be a part of the whole team she-bang!

  3. LOL Kristy. In my defense... I copied and pasted your name directly from the email that accompanied your name that one of your colleagues sent to me... Will make the correction right now ;)


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