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Monday, December 22, 2008

Citizen Cake Patisserie • San Francisco, CA

So last night my hubby and I had been invited to dinner up in San Francisco. It was cold, dark, foggy and raining. But onward we went... I have to admit I was more then a little excited because I was FINALLY going to go to Citizen Cake! (ETA: Citizen Cake closed in Dec. 2011)

And talk about willpower. I didn't eat any of these treats until today so that I could photograph them for all of you this morning. Night lighting sucks so it was torture knowing they were in the kitchen all night but I couldn't eat them.

Oh seriously these are *DROOL x 10!* The fruit gelees are to die for!

And how scrumptious does this look? The Alfajore cookies are shortbread filled with gooey caramel....

Simple and in the holiday spirit the Ginger Spice Sandwich is something I'm going to try today, maybe for my lunch dessert.

And what about this S'more Brownie??? It looks verrrrrry chocolatey.

I think that's toasted marshmallow...

I think I have to share this one with someone. It looks way too rich to eat the whole thing myself. Though I'm sure I could if nobody wants any :P

This was breakfast this morning. The meringue is different then most places. It's almost marshmallowy... and has a light flavor to it. It was so GOOD!

Note to self: Do not wear angora beret in pouring rain :(

And that's me leaving with our purchases. The smaller bag in my left hand was all of the goodies you see here. The other was desserts we picked up to take to the dinner we had been invited to. We had a couple of little chocolate cake dessert thingies, a mini pineapple cake and some cookies that were absolutely scrumptious!

For years I have driven past Citizen Cake as I take Gough as a shortcut to the freeway (ETA: This location has now closed). Every time I'd drive by the intersection of Gough & Grove I'd wonder if the cake was good and always thought to myself the "next time" I'm up in the city I'd make time and stop. But I never did. Until the day Duncan Reyes and David Ethridge posted a picture of themselves at Citizen Cake. A quick inquiry and they confirmed that this was a "must go to" kind of patisserie. I've gone, and I'll be back again! And again! And again :P


  1. DROOL!! :P Those desserts are to DIE for! I can almost taste them, the photos look so good. Okay, now I have to make it a point to go there one day! LOL...

  2. *sigh* my sweets loving side is so sad looking at treats i can't eat! waaaah. :) This just means we should go again. :D

  3. Those Alfajores looked amazing with the caramel dripping out. That is one I will put on my list to try. For years, I have been on a search for the perfect one. The cookie has to crumble just right and melts in your mouth with just the right amount of powdered sugar. Ay yay...I had heard sooooo many stories from the 'ol peruvian ladies' in the family and they inspired me once to make the cooked caramel (aka manjar blanco) It took hours over very low heat and continuous stirring; the result was delicious and it can be eaten by the spoonful. Drool....Back to weight loss thoughts. : )

  4. Awww... I LOVE Citizen Cake... it's only a few blocks from where we used to live! I'll have to get those gelees the next time I am in town! I think seriously I need to live in SF for 1/2 the time, and then when it gets wet and dreary, I'll come back to Maui! :)

  5. We should plan a South bay to the city Patisserie Tour. Diane, Victoria my friend Chris and I. We can make an entire afternoon of it going from shop to shop and sampling everything!

    I'll make us a website :D (JK)

    Evonne if you're in town you should come with us. Maybe we can plan it the next time you're here.

    Lea I swear I have a cookie recipe just like that! I tried the Alfajore tonight and immediately remembered a recipe I haven't used in years! Will have to try it.

    The only thing I haven't tried yet is the brownie. Am going to have it at lunch today :P

  6. Their restaurant is pretty good too, have you tried it yet, Stacie?

  7. Hey Evonne!

    Honestly until I went there the other night I didn't realize there was a restaurant. For some reason when I'd drive by and see people inside I thought it looked like a coffee shop type of place. Now that I know the restaurant is there I can't wait to go there for dinner and dessert sometime soon :P


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