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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Congratulations to Layne Beachley and Kirk Pengilly

It's December and wedding bells are in the air...

What a cute proposal! Way to go Kirk :D

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Layne Beachley once when my hubby and I were backstage (post concert) chatting with Kirk Pengilly of INXS while the band was touring on their "Switch" tour.

The Bride-to-Be was so nice. And I have to admit I had no idea she was the most famous, winning, champion female surfer in the history of the world because world class surfing just isn't something I'm familiar with. In fact it wasn't until a few months later that I found out what her day job was when at another show someone made a comment about her being at a competition.

The Groom-to-Be is just the sweetest rock star ever. When my hubby, who has been friends with the band for years, first took me to a show, I wondered what it would be like hanging out with rock stars. Just like with Layne, it was a pleasure. In fact they were both so unpretentious and down to earth it was a bit of a reality check to realize they are both as famous and successful as they are. Makes you wonder about the people who aren't nearly as accomplished but for some reason feel entitled to put on airs. Why? Kirk and Layne prove you can be both famous annnnnnnnnd really nice :)

So when my hubby forwarded me the link to the story about Kirk's surprise beach proposal and this fantastic couple's subsequent engagement in The Daily Telegraph it really gave me the warm fuzzies.

Congratulations on your engagement Kirk and Layne. I'm so thrilled for both of you!


  1. Aawww... Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. It's nice to see two famous, yet down to earth people tying the knot soon! How exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. They really are a great couple, so warm and friendly. Thrilled to hear they are taking the plunge :)

  3. Cute couple and that proposal on the beach is adorable and a sweet idea!

    It reminds me of the cute proposal my fiance gave me by placing a gorgeous diamond engagement ring inside the bottom of my champaign glass.

    They look so happy together like us. Its very sweet!


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