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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Flirty Christmas Day

Hoping everyone is having a happy holiday season. Christmas at our house will be interesting this year. My hubby decided that in order to be more eco-friendly, we shouldn't wrap our gifts to each other in wrapping paper. While I'm all for being eco-friendly? I suspect this grand gesture has more to do with him not wanting to have to wrap his gift to me. LOL

Though this year he did convert to the cloth, reusable grocery shopping bags. I do appreciate that so I'm willing to play along with this new idea of his.

So we decided we would put our gifts to each other in pillow cases. Perhaps it will be the start of a new tradition at our house. I'm going to have to get some fancier pillow cases for next year :D

Whether it's a work day, a holiday, a church day or a day to simply enjoy spending with family and friends... Have a great day everyone!


  1. I like that idea! (precisely because it gets me out of wrapping the gift!) I actually hid my wife's present in a suitcase so I think I'll just give it to her that way! Brilliant!

  2. Merry Christmas to you both! On to a fantastic, super flirty New Year!!

  3. Well, maybe he put your gifts in the cloth/eco-friendly bags. We did the wrapping paper, but did away with bows, gift tags and boxes.

    I love the Christmas card with the snowman and your beautiful flirty girl! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. What a great idea using pillow cases! Or you guys can do what we do - forget about the gifts altogether! :)

    I love your flirty girl/snowman card too! Merry Christmas, Stacie!

  5. Great idea to use pillow cases! We mostly used gift bags that we already had, and most of them survived the excitement and made it back into the christmas tub for next year.

    I was very happy to see my 7 year old grab a paper bag after the excitement and begin sorting paper that needed to go to the outside recycling and making another pile of things that can be saved and used again for next year :)

  6. Great idea with pillow cases :-)

    Must admit we still use wrapping paper but do use gift bags from one year to the next.


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