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Friday, December 12, 2008

Freezing Cold in California

LOL I had to pull an old trick out of my hat this morning. When I went out to my car it was encased in a layer of ice. Yup, my windows were frozen up. First thing I thought to myself was "I live where???" This is California, we're not supposed to freeze up at night. But there I was stranded because my windows were coated in ice...

Then I remembered. A cassette case works really well as an emergency ice scraper! But where could I find an cassette case at 7:00 am? As luck would have it I'm really behind the times and actually had this one in my car. Ha ha ha.... Yup no ipod, no cd player, no nothing as a matter of fact. Even my radio is broken. So it's pretty amazing I had this tape buried in my console under a bunch of fast food napkins and misc. odds and ends. 

But look how great it worked!

It took a few minutes and check it out... All clear. I had to scrape everything down including the side windows and my side mirrors. Unbelievable. It's not like I live at a high elevation...

Even the grass was encased in a heavy frost. Hopefully there won't be too many cold mornings like this. I'll have to get a window scraper and some gloves. So anyways there's my tip for the day. Cassette case = ice scraper. 


  1. I only live about 15-20 minutes from you.. no frost for us. :D

  2. Can't believe you still have a cassette in your car! Darren and I were just talking about how this new generation (Gen Y) probably doesn't even know what cassettes are!

  3. It was with both relief and shame that I spotted that cassette case in my car Evonne! LOL

    Victoria that's weird that I had ice and frost and you didn't. 1 hour later it would have all melted. Have to remember not to wake up to do things so early in the morning again :o)

  4. LOL... Better that than a credit card! :) I normally pour warm water on my windows, but the cassette thing is too funny. :) Whatever works...

  5. Where I grew up everyone used cassette cases when they couldn't find their scraper in their car. LOL I just Googled cassette case to scrape ice and found lots of people who agree that cassette cases are a great alternative solution to the real window scrapers.


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