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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Greetings San Francisco Style!

It's Santacon 2008!

Our friends Chuck and Jewel Savadelis just sent me the link to a brand new mini-video they've posted online. Just in time for the holidays...


It's a super fun holiday video they shot up in San Francisco just a week ago.

One day each year the city is full of Santas! And not just in one location. They fan out citywide and aside from seeing throngs of them roaming the streets they can also be spotted on the ferries, bart and in malls.

This is one of the secret service security elves.

And sexy Ms. Santa footwear. Some are naughty, some are nice.

If you celebrate Christmas I hope you have a merry one and that you enjoy this video.

And while I'm here I'd love to congratulate Savadelis Films for their recent fantastic news!

Chuck and Jewel have been invited to join the Silver Telly Council. As winners themselves of multiple Telly Awards for excellence in filming and editing creativity, who better to recognize great quality when they see it? So in 2009 they'll be judging video entries submitted by ad agencies, corporations, TV stations and production companies to see if their work meets the exacting criteria of the Telly Awards. Last year there were 14,000 submissions. Past winners include the Oprah Winfrey Show, Universal Studios, and the Discovery Channel.

But that's not all! They were also asked to judge the new EMPixx awards, newly established by David Carter, a multiple Emmy and Clio winner who has a long history of innovation in the creative world. CLICK HERE to read the full post on their blog.

Or visit their website www.SavadelisFilms.com to view their wedding video trailers.

Hey writing this post has given me a boost of holiday spirit! I Just invented a Santa emoticon!



  1. Congrats to Chuck & Jewel on your achievements/recognition. They so deserve it! I hope I get to meet Chuck one day.

  2. that's fantastic!! :) wish i could have been there and as usual, chuck and jewel do such a wonderful job!


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