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Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Green Orchid and Dragonfly Cake Topper for Events by Evonne

So last night I had the privilege of meeting Hawaii event designer and coordinator Evonne Wong from Events by Evonne who happened to be in the Bay Area for a few days. Together with Jewel of Savadelis Films and Viola from Chewing the Cud we had a great time meeting up at the Hotel Sofitel for drinks.

I don't know if you recall but a while back Evonne saw a blog post I did about a pink flower cake topper and posted in the comments of that post that she wanted to order one as a desk ornament for herself. She requested green orchids and brown dragonflies which I delivered to her last evening.

Immediately I thought of Dianne Phillip's flowers from DK Designs. Her beautiful, lightweight, clay flowers would be the perfect accompaniment to my little dragonflies. I contacted Dianne and she created the three orchids for me. I added several beaded leaves to fill in the tiny gaps between the flowers and mounted the entire piece on a small, lucite stand. The topper can be removed if Evonne ever wants to use it on a cake!

A close up of a dragonfly. I'm going to have some big news soon regarding The Flirty Bride Custom Cake Toppers... So stay tuned for a post in the near future.

Evonne brought each of us a gift bag from Hawaii with little treats and yummy smelling soap... The top bar here was a special gift for my dog Kitai! How did she know he needed a bath this week?

It was such a pleasure meeting Evonne. As soon as we saw each other we both commented that we looked just like our Facebook pictures. LOL It was so fun getting to know her in person and very rewarding when she told me that it was the 6 post per month requirement to be listed in Best Wedding Blogs that turned her into one of the most prolific bloggers I know! I'm very much looking forward to going to Hawaii sometime to hang out with Evonne. She may even stir up some wedding industry networking there like we have here in California. If she does I'd love to attend her first event.


  1. Stacie,

    A very nice pic of you and Evonne together.


  2. Thanks Ralph! Someday you should have a Meet the Wedding Bloggers event so we can all meet in person! That would be so fun.

  3. I'm sorry I missed the FAB soiree, but I'm glad I had a chance to meet Evonne in Maui before she headed your way. We had a blast too. :) LOVE the cake topper. You do amazing work. Can't wait to collaborate again! :)

  4. Aw Diane I kept thinking that you should have been there too. Maybe next time? There will be a next time :D

    I'll collaborate with you any day! I think our pieces worked beautifully together.

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely cake topper/desk ornament, Stacie. I LOVE it! It's exactly what I envision - brown dragonflies and green orchids... my favorites! Thanks too, Diane... your orchids are just lovely. Maybe I should redesign my logo and incorporate both in it! :)

    Also, it was REALLY nice to finally meet you and Diane in person... then again, I felt like I have known you guys forever already!

  6. Hey Evonne,

    It's funny but I do feel like we've been friends for years too! So glad you loved your topper. I've added it to my cake topper portfolio on The Flirty Bride.com website. BIG changes going on there!


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