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Friday, December 5, 2008

If Blogs Could Talk

LOL I just read the funniest post on a wedding videographer's blog here in the San Francisco Bay Area.... Andrew Hsu from Studio MSV used to be the most prolific male blogger I know. Lately he's posted less and I just chalked it up to him being busy. And I was right... He says so in this post.

But his blog??? His blog apparently feels scorned and ignored and is tired of his excuses.

Here's a bit of the post:

Blog: ...you ... you just haven't spent a lot of time with me lately, that's all.

Andrew: What are you talking about? I'm sitting here every day for hours on end.

Blog: But you're never really paying attention to ME.

Andrew: I've been working OK? If you want me to stop working, there would be no reason to even keep you around.

Blog: !

Andrew:... sorry... I didn't mean that...

Blog: I don't even know who you are anymore.

His reasons seem sound. He lists that he's:

1. Been editing client wedding videos

2. Working on important marketing materials

3. A new video to launch my proposal videos

4. A brand new 'legacy video' feature

5. And a whole bunch of other things

6. Plus, he need to spend time with his family for the holidays!

7. Not to mention the fact that he's hardly been sleeping because of the new puppy

8. And he hasn't touched a Playstation 3 controller for like three months!

LOL I hope his blog doesn't continue to beat him up too much :D

I'm labeling this post under PSA because I don't want to see this happen to anyone else. Publicly chastised by your own blog. Does it get any worse then that?

You can read more about what a great wedding videographer Andrew is here on The Flirty Guide


  1. BWAhaha ha haha!!
    That your blog is spreading news that I got pwned by my own blog is a sure sign that our blogs are becoming sentient and we're losing control of them.

    I need to start a new site: blogwhisperer.com

  2. OMG, I am scared now... I won't be blogging for the next few days 'cuz I'll be visiting you guys, wonder if he/she is going to feel neglected and start giving me a hissy fit!


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