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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My New Diamond Ring by SF Jeweler Dilek Sezen

So a few months back I made a stop at jeweler Dilek Sezen's showroom up in San Francisco on Union Street. I was there on official business to take a peek at her Tahitian pearl necklaces for the Ready to Propose video shoot I participated in. As some of you may know it was a strand of Dilek's pearls that were attached to the bottom of the pineapple cake topper I had made for the shoot... But then something happened. I got a wee bit sidetracked...

I spotted this ring. This dainty, petite, diamond encrusted band. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. It was so delicate. And I just happened to have some money to spend on a special piece of jewelry. It was a gift from the family of my very dear friend who passed away last fall. I decided to spend it on something lasting, a piece of jewelry to commemorate my Uncle Norio. And then I saw this ring.

It was a perfect fit both on my finger and for my jewelry shopping budget. I was so thrilled to have visited Dilek's showroom. If you love detail work... You'll love her custom designs. A lot of the pieces in her showroom reminded me so much of the craftsmanship you now only see in vintage jewelry... But with a modern twist.

Dilek is hosting a showcase of her work along with Flirty Guide photographers Allure Studios West. Here are the details:

Allure West Studios & Dilek Sezen cordially invite you to
A Bridal Open House
January 27, 2009
11 AM to 6 PM

1757 Union Street @ Octavia
San Francisco

Perfect dress, perfect jewelry, perfect photography just waiting to be seen and modeled...

Brides and bridal parties will receive:

$100 portrait enlargement gift card from Allure West Studios
15% off their purchase of Dilek Sezen Wedding, Day-to-Evening collections, and Objets d’Art

RSVP 415.810.1002

How gorgeous is this heart shaped engagement ring?

Even her large pieces still have plenty of teeny tiny details like the setting of this pearl ring.

And look at these moonstone pendant earrings... So delicate and incredibly ornate.

And these fleur-de-lis are just like my ring. Very small yet encrusted with tiny diamonds and detail work in the casting.

And here are Dilek, my ring and I. LOL Just wanted to add this fun photo by Natalie Wi that she took of us at a recent event.


  1. I love your ring and the story behind it. :) My favorite other than your ring is the moonstone earrings... Beautiful designs.

  2. My husband got me a necklace by Dilek Sezen for my birthday... It is a spectacular piece!

  3. I love the moonstone earrings too Diane. In fact moonstone is one of my favorite of all of the stones our there. Moonstone, iolite and tanzanite are my favorites.

    Ayse I would love to receive a gift of Dilek's jewelry from my hubby for any occasion. After my first visit to her showroom I let him know that if he ever wants to give me jewelry as a gift, he need not look any further then her collection.

  4. Thanks Evonne. I had so much fun wearing it to an industry event tonight. Dilek was there so I stood beside her and modeled it all evening showing it to our colleagues who haven't been to her shop yet :o)

  5. I can't wait to see it on you, Stacie! 4 more months! :)


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