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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stephen Colbert: Beware of the SF Mocha Bear

LOL each holiday season my hubby and I go up to the Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Shop in San Francisco so he can have his annual Ghirardelli mocha.


Normally this is an uneventful process of ordering and sitting and chatting while he enjoys his cup of coffee. But this year was different. This year we were in for quite a shock.


Last month? I spotted this frightening bear in my hubby's cup as he was drinking his mocha. Who knew a chocolate shop would be harboring bears in the backroom and slipping them into unsuspecting patron's coffee mugs? This goes to show you that old shopping adage is true: Buyer beware. Of bears.

(OK I made up that last part but seriously, Mr. Colbert should be very careful the next time he has a mocha.)



Since I've heard he has a "thing" about bears... if you know him? You might want to warn him to stay away from the Ghirardelli chocolate shop. At the very least he should order his mochas without whipped cream and chocolate chips if he's ever in town.


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