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Monday, January 19, 2009

Studio MSV & The Four Seasons SF Bridal Showcase

For years I've heard about the bridal show at the Four Seasons in downtown San Francisco. It's one of those iconic shows that all of the professionals want to display at and a must see for the most stylish of brides...

This year I attended in neither capacity. LOL. I went up for 3 hours to help out my friend and colleague videographer extraordinaire Andrew Hsu at his Studio MSV booth. Just meeting and greeting brides, grooms and parents and friends of brides. I handed out his business cards and agreed with all of the people I chatted with that Andrew's work is very edgy and distinctive. So many stopped and lingered to chat and watch his new video trailer that he and I barely had time to talk!

That's Andrew and I. The photo credit goes to Lily of Wildflower Linens who dropped by to say hello.

I wore red and black so that I'd match Andrews business collateral. His logo is very rock-n-roll.... Not that I looked rock and roll but at least I matched his color scheme.

I'll post a link to Andrew's new video when he sends it to me. Killer shots featuring both weddings and his Vendor Chic Vintage Cowboy shoot which you can see and read about in both the current issue of Today's Bride and online on the Southern Weddings Magazine Blog in 3 parts! His videos are on part III.

And a real treat! I had my first chance in years to catch up with wedding gown designer Jin Wang! Here's what I can tell you about Jin. If you want a beautiful gown and want a warm and friendly gown shopping experience? A visit to her Maiden Lane salon in downtown SF is a must.

I have to say of all the gowns I saw modeled at the show this was my fav.

Check out this gorgeous, pleated, organza hem.

And matching detail along the top of the bodice.

And food! OMG the food! I don't think I've ever seen such an extravagant buffet before. Sadly I was not able to partake in actually tasting the food but just seeing it was a real treat.

And as it turned out our friends at Enhanced Lighting and Sound were just a couple of booths away! Check out their very dramatic display!

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