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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Truly Historic Day

My eyes popped open at 6:00 AM eager to watch this morning's inauguration. As much as I am an optimist? I was never certain I would see the day a minority of any ethnicity would be sworn into office as President. Yes today was historic. And everyone was gracious and the mood was celebratory even as our country prepares itself for our many challenges ahead.

For those who missed it... Here's some photos I took of my tv screen while watching the inauguration on NBC with the TODAY show cast.

And one fashion note? I LOVED that Michelle Obama's gloves were olive green instead of black or a matching yellow to her outfit. I love contrasting colors and think more people should give it a try instead of always being matchy-matchy. I think contrasting colors, when done well, can be very flirty.

So this was it. The final moments as President and Mrs. Bush walked towards the helicopter awaiting to depart. There were smiles and a sense the transition was executed with integrity and that the future for both couples will be bright.


  1. Great pictures, Stacie! I can't believe they were from your TV screen! I normally don't watch TV during the day on a work day, but today is different. I am very excited to see a man of color get sworn in as our 44th President! It will be a tough journey but I am hopeful of the great changes that Barack and his administration will make. We LOVE the Obama family here in Hawaii! :)

  2. Thanks for the comments Evonne and Bridechic.

    Evonne it's amazing how clear the images are when you take pictures off of a flat screen tv. Here's my other trick. Sometimes I shoot a video clip then extract still images from the video to make the photos like the ones you see here.


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