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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Name this Flirty Bride Contest #2

And the Winner of the $50 iTunes gift card is:
Thank you for the adorable name Patti! I will be contacting you for your mailing address today!

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I've decided that from now on each Flirty Bride illustration I create will have a name of her or own. Maybe it'll be your name, your best friend's name, or just a name you love...

Introducing Lulu!

So please help me out and good luck on being our winner who not only earns bragging rights for naming one of The Flirty Brides but also wins the fun prize below.

Just suggest a name in the comments section of this blog post.

You don't have to register, just select the Name/URL option in the comment window and be sure to post a link to your website or blog that has a contact link or email address on it so that I can contact you if you win.

Or send me your suggestion but be sure to include your email address or phone number because I'll need it to notify you if you are the winner. I'll post your suggestion here in the blog for you with your initials or as anonymous.

The contest ends February 15th, 2009. The winner will be announced on Monday the 16th.

The name and winner of a $50 iTunes gift card and bragging rights will be selected by Random.org! Good luck everyone!

When I first designed the logo bride for The Flirty Guide I would occasionally have women who would take one look at my business card and comment that she was cute but "skinny like a Barbie." So I created another bride, and another business card, that better represented the body type they were more comfortable with.

Whether you would call her plump, plus or as one friend calls her "fluffy," she is, imo, every bit as cute and flirty as my first bride! So if you meet me? Don't be surprised if I offer you your choice of the two cards above. And guess what? Almost everyone asks if they can have both. I love that!


  1. She looks like a Maggie May bride to me :)

  2. Babette!

    (sent by email)

  3. Barbra :P

  4. Her nams is clearly "Connie", but I'd like to officially submit the name, "Blaintech Tricon"

  5. The name "Belinda" or "Melinda" came to mind when I first saw her! I think she's cute!

  6. She looks like either a Lucille or Claudette to me ~ MB

  7. OMG.. someone sent me this link cause they said she looked like me.. so, I think it would be great if it was Winter. ;)

    ... and she does look like me.. who'da thunk it?

  8. She look like a Francesca to me....

  9. Francesca... fabulous Franny...

  10. I'm calling her Frances, because she reminds me of a singer I know who has a radiant smile and an abundant demeanor!
    ~Frank Beau Davis

  11. The bride's name should be Sarah, a name that means princess! A bride's wedding day is her day to be a princess!

  12. I think you should name her Railey Rose.

  13. the flirty bride looks like a Constance! a very elegant and graceful bride :)

    (submitted by email)

  14. Anna Isabella who's in love with her fella.


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