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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pasquale Esposito • A Brand New Me

Even though I don't speak Italian? I Absolutely love to listen to Pasquale Esposito sing. Last night I'd invited my friend Diane Phillips to attend his concert with me so we headed off to the Montgomery Theatre in San Jose to hear my favorite tenor perform his original music along with classic favorites, both American and Italian, to launch his new 14 track CD "A Brand New Me."

CLICK HERE for his remaining tour dates and locations.

Did I mention we had second row seats? Oh yeah we were up close and personal!

The concert was amazing with live musicians, back up singers, duets with soprano Amy Baker and dancers! This was my 5th Pasquale concert so I know of what I speak. I've also attended one recital and for the past 8 years since seeing him sing at a holiday event at the Kohl Mansion I have attended dozens upon dozens of his local performances.

He sang his new original pieces... My absolute favorite was the soaring and soulful ballad "Aria e Cielo." I'd heard him perform it live over a year ago then had to impatiently wait for the new CD to be able to listen to it over and over again. My other favorites are "Un In Trumonto"and  "Vento Tro I Capelli." 

He also performed classic Italian and American songs in both Italian and English and entertained us with hilarious stories about his mother and a charming story about how he got his start as a vocalist after breaking his grandpa's gramophone machine.

I purchased 2 copies of his new CD... One for me... And one to give away here on the blog in an upcoming contest. After the show we somehow managed to be first in line to have our Cd's autographed! So yes, mine is signed and so is the one I'll be giving away.

His opening act Nexuno was a very pleasant surprise. Again, I don't speak Italian so I have no idea what the lyrics in their songs meant... But I really liked their music. In fact I have to find out if they have a full length CD because I'd love to have it.

Readers of the blog know that I love cupcakes... Well Pasquale's singing ranks right up there with the best cupcake ever created. In fact listening to him sing whether live or on CD is one of my most simple pleasures in life. When his voice hits those long, rich, passionate notes... It's intangible the way it goes straight to my heart and no matter where I am... I feel happy.

Photo by: Todd Rafalovich

Here we are at my wedding. After being a super-fan for so many years how could he not be at my wedding? My new hubby and I engaged his services for our cocktail hour. Our guests? Loved him! He's available for weddings, private parties and special events.

I swear if I ever become a millionaire I will hire him to come sing to me at least once per month. Short of that my other dream scenario is to get a massage, while listening to his My Passion CD and having someone sitting under the massage table feeding me a Kara's Fleur de Sel chocolate cupcake through the breathing hole in the face rest of the massage table. Ahhhh good times! LOL

If Pasquale isn't coming to where you live you can always invite him into your life by ordering one or all of his Cd's. My Passion is his first and contains my favorite classic Italian song he performs, the heart rending:"Il mare calmo della sera." I swear I swoon every time I play it and ten times over when he performs it live.

My Destiny is my favorite cd to play in the kitchen. It's energetic and peppy and makes me want to dance. OK I'll admit it actually makes me dance around the kitchen as I whip up this or that. Now that I told you that I'll have to put a curtain over my kitchen window so no ridiculous videos of me dancing in the kitchen appear on Youtube. LOL

The Naples That's Amore CD is the pinnacle of when Pasquale's dream to create a stage show combining his vocals with live musicians and dancers became a reality. I bought tickets to both performances it was such a special occasion. It's not often one gets to not only witness a friend's dream come true but also gets to be a part of it so this cd is special indeed.

Being both his fan and friend over the years has been an honor.

I admire his passion and respect his devotion for pursuing his music not only as a performer but academically as well. This year Pasquale will graduate from San Jose State with a music degree. This man is no slacker. In fact he may be the hardest working person I know. For years he has gone to school to pursue his degree, has continued his vocal training to improve his singing, has been writing songs and all the while he performs throughout the Bay Area most nights... For years and years.

If you want to keep up on his latest news there's more then one way to do it!

Tour dates, photos, links to purchase his CDs and more.


  1. I had so much fun last night and both acts were AWESOME! Thank you for introducing me to Pasquale Esposito... LITERALLY! :) I'm honored you asked me. I was listening to it as I was checking emails last night. I love the picture of the two of you at your wedding! HOW COOL is that! :) I think I might have to purchase his other CDs now. I should have just done it while I was there. LOL. I already told my friend Debbie down in San Diego to go check him out on 3/29! Hopefully she'll go as she's a big fan of Italian opera tenor. :)

  2. Wow, your other dream scenario puts a lot of pressure on hubby! =o)

  3. LOL not really. He can be the one running the music and feeding me the cupcake from under the massage table. Ha!

  4. I have never heard him sing but OMG, he is HOT! :)


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