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Friday, February 27, 2009

PUG, as in Pictage User Group

Continued from the previous post: So after leaving Joshua Charles Catering in Redwood City I had 45 minutes to hustle myself back down to San Jose for a 7:00 pm appearance...

When Jill Johnson, leader of the San Jose PUG group first contacted me and asked me to be a guest speaker at a PUG meeting? I wondered why she wanted me to come talk about a breed of dog that I didn't even own. LOL. Then it dawned on me she had to be talking about a different kind of PUG. So I popped onto Google and typed Pug+Wedding+Photography into the search box. Immediately the links for several Pictage User Groups came up.

Ahhhhhhh well that made more sense!

Their mission as described on their website:

The PUGs mission is to facilitate communication and education among professional photographers at a regional level around the nation in order to allow photographers to learn from each other and share experiences.

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE when individuals embrace the concept of community and pool their knowledge? It helps stir creativity and allows each member to share their strengths with the group so that everyone involved will benefit. In the end it's the client who will benefit the most because any person from the group they hire will be more well rounded.

She asked me to come and speak about blogging, online social networks and marketing. No problem! I talk about these things every day. I have to say it was really fun. We also talked about web design, viral marketing, SEO and more. I also saw my photographer pals: Dennis Menendez, Orbie Pullen, Rebecca Meredith, Tanja Lippert and special guest, post WPPI videographer Andrew Hsu. I even made a few new friends and learned a thing or two myself :D

Thank you Jill for inviting me and all of you for being so welcoming and fun


  1. I sure need a one-on-one with you on blogging, online social networks and marketing! :)

  2. That can be arranged Evonne. Let's plan something the next time you're in town :D Perhaps a long lunch one day?

  3. Stacie it was so great having you! I can't wait to have you out again for a couple of those other things we talked about. Remember your always welcome to pop in.


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