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Friday, March 20, 2009

Being Sexy in San Francisco with Critsey Rowe's Couture Boudoir.com

Yes ladies, I'm taking the plunge! Me, in a couture boudoir photo session. Oooh la la! One of my fav national photographers is coming to town. None other then the inimitable Critsey Rowe! If you read the blog you'll know that Critsey was on several episodes of David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding" last year shooting the weddings of his reality show couples.

Critsey has a way of taking gorgeous, sexy shots that don't have to include actual nudity, they just hint at something sexy. I'm comfortable with that. When it comes down to it I'm way too modest to do something over the top... or without a top :D

I'll share this with you because it's pretty hilarious. I asked my hubby one day while we were out walking the dog if I was willing to do a couture boudoir shoot would he pay for it? I was amazed at how there was absolutely no hesitation behind the emphatic YES that he quickly proclaimed. He asked who would be the photographer I said "You know Critsey? The Flirty Guide Photographer that lives in North Carolina?" And without missing a beat he asked if I needed him to book me a ticket and drop me off at the airport so that I could get to North Carolina faster. LOL I told him no, she's coming out to SF this spring... And she's announced her tour dates... So ladies or gents, who are like my hubby and will hesitate at no cost to have Critsey take gorgeous pics of your special someone, you can save yourself the airfare and hotel if you book a session with Critsey while she's in SF for a 5 day stay.

The Couture Boudoir Tour San Francisco April 16-21, 2009
Imagine having your Couture Boudoir session photographed in a suite at the swankiest hotel in San Francisco by national photographer Critsey Rowe!

Have a fabulous time in a beautiful location while getting pampered and surprising your fiancé, husband, boyfriend or even yourself!

The tour special is $600 and includes the fashion photo shoot, hair and makeup stylist, the location, and a 5x7 album with 20 of your favorite images. Private online viewing of all images.

This would be a great girls weekend! Share the experience with a friend!

Limited openings - please inquire for availability


Yes, her credentials are impressive:


*Nominated "Boudoir Expert" by international photographers forum The DWF

*Featured wedding photographer - The WE Channel's new show "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera

*Interviewed about her popular "Couture Boudoir" site - Listen on iTunes "The Wedding Planning Audiocast"

*Featured wedding photographer - "Platinum Weddings" on The WE Channel

*Elite Member Of The Next Set - The Most Prestigious Photographers - Photographing Events Internationally

*Platinum List Member - Grace Ormonde

*Elite Member - Photographik

But honestly? When it comes down to it? She's just plain nice on top of being crazy talented. And it's the nice factor that's making me feel comfortable enough to do a shoot with her. She has just a couple more sessions available while she's in SF. If you want one, don't wait to contact her or you'll probably be too late.


  1. Love the top shot and the back drop of the buildings are great!


  2. Stacie!! Can't wait to see you! We are going to have a blast!
    : )


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