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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signature Hospitality • A Wedding on the Bay

Click on any of the images for close ups of the gorgeous food!

This was a seriously amazing treat. When Duncan Reyes invited me to attend a tasting with him, and a few other friends, down on the waterfront at Signature Hospitality on Pier 9 I couldn't wait for the day to arrive. Chef Alfred Schilling truly outdid himself. The staff was so pleasant and the weather was absolute perfection.

Mmmmmmmmm all Duncan needed was a spoon! Paella Valenciana with Chicken, Chorizo, Mussels, Clams, Spanish Rice, Saffron with Orange Wedge Relishes.

This was my first plate... Everything was incredibly delicious. From left to right: Spanish Rice with Bacon and Lemon Marmalade, Chicken Skewers with Melon, Roasted Peppers and Almonds with Honey and Sardines and Brioche Toast. Though I've spent many years not eating beef or pork I have to say that when I'm invited to these tastings? Every now and then I do go ahead and take a nibble of something I wouldn't normally eat.

I love this photo, the yacht, the Bay Bridge in the background to the left, the Ferry Building in the background to the right, the seagull and the gorgeous weather. Perfection! If you've thought of tying the knot near water? This could be the perfect place. I am definitely a fan and would recommend anyone looking for a unique wedding venue to consider the possibility of being married not near, but on the Bay.

My second plate of goodies: Salmon with Mojo Sauce, Potato  Tortilla and more *drool* Roasted Peppers and Almonds with Honey and Sardines. In case you didn't know... Sardines are outrageously healthy for you. They're packed with omega fatty acids. Taalib, our very charming server agreed with me :)

A close up of my favorite item of the menu: Roasted Peppers and Almonds with Honey and Sardines.

Also in this photo: Shots of Gazpacho and New Potatoes

A perfectly bite sized treat: Quail Egg on Brioche Toast

Nicole Lisanne's Sangria

Octopus Salad with Beans and Anchovy, Empanadillas stuffed with Escargot Basquaise and Salmon with Mojo Sauce.

So here were the boys... Photographer Dennis Menendez was our professional photographer that afternoon... That's Dennis shooting David Ethridge and Duncan Reyes as they head down the red carpet to board the "San Francisco Spirit."

And here was the gang: Karla, Duncan, David, Matttie, Nicole and Dennis

Ahhhh... A gorgeous view of the San Francisco Bay from aboard the "San Francisco Spirit."

Check out the cool dance floor on the Yacht. There are three levels including some outdoor decks to step out onto to really enjoy the views.

Dennis resting up for our next stop... Dessert!

How cute were these? Spanish Serrano Ham with Melon

Spanish Chocolate and Churros. Oh my gosh those little demitasse cups of melted drinking chocolate were seriously to die for. I'd never tried drinking chocolate before. To be honest it was probably a new habit I didn't need to start but what the heck? I'm adding it to my short list of life's simple pleasures.

Tarte a L'Orange. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat. I brought two slices home for breakfast the next morning.

And I did enjoy one of these tiny Orange Tartlets right there and then.

David's Desserts. That man meant business!

Chocolate Ganache on Rice Chip. Gotta love that macro lens. Every partical of cocoa powder, clearly defined.

A final, huge thank you to Duncan Reyes for the invitation and to www.SignatureSF.com, Chef Alfred Schilling and everyone on their staff who made this sumptuous tasting possible. Your efforts were fully appreciated. I don't think I've ever felt so pampered! Plate after plate of yet another Hors D'oeuvre, entree and dessert coming at me in a seemingly never ending 20 course culinary extravaganza? Now that's a dream come true in my flirty world. 


  1. Oh-My-Gawd... the food looked amazing and I am sure they were delicious as well. Thanks for sharing, Stacie!

  2. Wonderful photos, Stacie. All those treats look SO tempting. We couldn't eat like this every day, but that menu is oh so right for for a memorable celebration! I'll be blogging on this subject tomorrow.

    Lucky you for attending the tasting -- looks like you and the gang enjoyed a terrific day. My band has entertained at many weddings and parties aboard that yacht, and Signature's presentation is always phenomenal.


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