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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

50 Fabulous Babes!

It began with a somewhat cryptic evite... 50 Fabulous Babes...

Leave it to Linda Hylen to plan something clever to celebrate the women in her life. In particular she gave recognition to Johanna Kaestner, Joyce Scardina Becker, Jean Marks and Jubilee Lau for their contributions to our industry. It was a very special afternoon.

The invitation was for lunch at the Julie Morgan Ballroom. Here were at least half of the 50 Fabulous Babes...

And on the other side of the room the other half. That's Jewel Savadelis shooting the room as I took a picture of her.

And officiant Heron Freed Toor and wedding coordinator Jean Marks catching up during our afternoon cocktail hour.

Wow. Can you imagine walking into a ballroom with a king's table set up the length of the room? I've seen the Julia Morgan Ballroom set up for events on numerous occasions and every time I do I'm always left in awe of how beautiful this venue is.

It was gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. 

The centerpieces were almost as tall as I am!

And then came the second surprise! Our wait staff was none other then our male wedding industry colleagues dressed in black. Oh my gosh it was so fun as the men entered the room. Needless to say we were quite shocked, cheering and hollering as they entered the room one y one with introductions. DJ Ron Grandia was our Master of Ceremonies and provided music throughout tour luncheon.

They poured us champagne...

And served with a smile. That's none other then Thomas John Henderson of Thomas John Events Catering.

There were lots of nice details that day.

Our first course.


And who brought my dessert? None other then photographer Dennis Menendez. Dennis was an excellent waiter that afternoon.

The tiramisu was really good. Very light and fresh.

Talk about fun. It was such a wonderful break from my  normal day to day grind.

As we left Stylist extraordinaire Jim Avila was there to drape a feather boa on each of us so that we could leave the party feeling fun and oh so flirty. Here Maralyn Tabatsky of Have Your Cake and Photographer Wendy Maclaurin Richardson join in the fun.

I felt like a Fabulous Babe as I walked to my car with my pink feather boa fluttering in the breeze. Linda thank you so much for the invitation. It was truly an honor to be included.

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  1. What a wonderful way to honor fellow colleagues and get everyone together :)


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