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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Una Bella Sera 2009 • A SF Bridal Showcase

As the elevator doors parted I couldn't wait to see what the Una Bella Sera showcase held in store for the lucky brides and grooms attending this year... Crystal's event designing talent and Nicole's floral and design talents were guaranteed to produce a spectacular show full of beautiful flowers and details.

I was honored that The Flirty Guide was invited back to participate in this year's showcase. If you've been reading this blog since last year you might recall that in 2008 we participated in the event at Casa Real. This year the showcase by Crystal LeQuang of Amazae Special Events and Nicole Ha of Nicole Ha designs, was in the Julia Morgan Ballroom at The Merchants Exchange in downtown San Francisco.

This year I was invited to come early to shoot some photos for the blog. Instead of taking vignette shots I chose to capture some of the pros in action. Here David Ethridge from A Video Reflection works in tandem with photographer Jennifer Skog to capture this gorgeous European styled bride.

And there was more then one bride that day. To the left was Gene Higa photographing a gown by Amy Kuschel, David Ethridge videotaping a gown by Amy Kuschel and this final gown was provided by Gabrielle's Bridal Boutique in Los Gatos.

Here Crystal and Nicole welcome their guests to the always gorgeous Julia Morgan Ballroom at the Merchant's Exchange in downtown San Francisco.

This room was dreamy... And my favorite. European style with roses literally cascading across the table as a centerpiece. GORGEOUS!

The parasols above paired with the frilly chair covers (by Wildflower Linens) below covered the details from top to bottom. And in between the table top made it's own stunning style statement. 

The photo gallery was swanky and set up like an ultra lounge just adjacent to the bar.

I hung out here for a bit with photographer Claudia Akers and her hubby. Claudia had two photos displayed in the gallery.

The lounge was sleek, modern and oh so cool by Cort Event Furnishings.

The Green Room


My closest friends will tell you that it kills them to see all of the wine and champagne I don't drink when I'm out at events. They would be lining up at the bar if they saw this display but alas, they can only regret that they aren't here to partake in such opportunities LOL

Mmmm so yummy! Artichoke and Sardine Hors D'oeuvres by Joshua Charles on the left and Thomas John Catering in the center and on the right. 

I didn't try one but these flirty cocktails by Joshua Charles tempted many a bride that night.

Beautiful cupcakes and a stunning multi-tiered cake by Glass Slipper Gourmet were the final touches to the European salon.

In the Africa inspired room the black and white zebra print created a contrasting backdrop to the piles and strands of fuchsia orchids. The cupcakes and cake were provided by Jen's Cakes.

And this amazing upside down, sculptural cake was by Margaret's French Bakery. The photo on the right is a close up of the edible, iridescent sugar confetti covering the cake. The model in the background is wearing a gown by SF designer Amy Kuschel.

Cake bites also by Margarets. Many people, including myself, know Margarets from their booth at the Campbell Farmer's Market held each Sunday morning on Campbell Avenue, rain or shine.

Thomas John Catering provided a bar where party goers could swing by and pick up a shooter of different kinds of fruit juice infused with Skky Vodka.

This beautiful ice sculpture of a sitting Buddha, surrounded by orchids and flowers, was the first thing guests saw as they stepped off  of the elevator.

Another stunning ice sculpture. This vase was huge. Like several feet tall. It was so gorgeous. I'd not seen anything like it before. Contact Chisel-it if you need a 4 foot high ice vase at your next party.

Nicole Ha, Armando Sarabia and Robbie Schlosser

Thanks to Nicole Ha (left above) and Crystal LeQuang (that's her in the center below) for inviting The Flirty Guide to be a part of their fabulous showcase. Crystal even made an announcement about both her cousin Michelle and my cousin Tami encouraging their guests to get registered to become part of the National Marrow Donor Program.

Crystal LeQuang of Amazae Special Events (center)

Wedding Videogrpahers Matthieu Meynier of MvideoM and Andrew Hsu of Studio MSV.

And to close the evening... OYÉ Productions with Patricio Angulo had guests dancing the night away. It was obvious that the second annual Una Bella Sera bridal showcase was a smashing success!


  1. It was a totally great event! Great decor, photography, food and flowers. It was all gorgeous!

    And nice pics, Stacie! =)

    Karen (from Miraglia)

  2. Wow, wonderful images, Stacie. Just magical! I love the centerpieces and the European feel of it all. Nice to see that Armando was there,too! I especially like the cupcakes. Makes me hungry right now!


  3. Those overflowing rose centerpieces were AMAZING!! Like a dream!! And the 4 foot ice sculpture vase??? Recession, SCHMER-cession (or something like that!) LOVE it!

  4. Thanks Corinne and Kim.

    Nicole Ha is so incredibly talented. I can spot her designs from across a ballroom. Her use of color and attention to detail really stands out. Pretty much anything she creates is something that could be featured in any bridal publication.

  5. Wow, amazing! :) That's it... I need to move back to the bay area and do events there! We have such limited resources here on the islands! :(


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