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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Gothic Birthday Party at Asiel Design

When Asiel Design, A Video Reflection, f. duncan reyes events by design, Enhanced Lighting, Hartmann Studios, Jen's Cakes and MB Wedding Designs and Events decided to throw a Birthday Party for Jonathan of Asiel Design? They went ALL OUT! The invitation said the attire was gothic chic...

That's me with Jonathan the Birthday Boy, Amy Frugoli and Kelly Kodak Clifford in a photo taken by David Ehtridge.

So what exactly does a flirty gothic girl look like? I had no idea. LOL.

Unfortunately I didn't plan ahead to have any make up done. I thought about going to pick up some essentials... I wanted smokey eyes, with mascara and eyeliner and grey eye shadow... But what can I say? That didn't happen so it was my usual lipstick only kind of night. LOL

The bartenders looked like vampires.

I asked Duncan to look creepy and this is what I got!

Michelle of MB Wedding Designs and Events, Augie Chang and Jennifer Skog and her hubby who I'd just met for the first time that evening and I have to say looks nothing like this picture of him. He's actually much taller and very handsome. He was just posing :P

Oh yeah, these people knew how to party and have a great time.

In the forground is Linnae and Jon and there in the background was DJ Ron Grandia who really got the crowd up on their feet and dancing like crazy. I left the party early but heard that others stayed well into the night and even past the wee hours of the morning.

Ron working hard.

Megan Woods with her feathered "Goth" hair do by get your DO up!

There was great ambiance.

Kellye Clifford, Amy Frugoli and Cassie Dresti

Chung Li, Elisheva Bassari and Katherine Knoller-Fernandez

Yummmmmm by Jen's Cakes!

Goth Flamingo, Tanja Lippert and Tia Reagan

The whole party was totally creepy cool. In lieu of Birthday gifts Jonathan requested contributions be made to www.armsoflove.org

Their website describes Arms of Love as "A Christian ministry that establishes and operates homes that provide long-term care for orphaned, abandoned, and abused children in a family environment."

What a great Birthday party and a great cause.

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