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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayers Needed for a Very Special Sick Pup

Some of you may recall my posting about the Kansas Puppy Rescue I participated in with some of my friends from Dogster. What began as a collaborative effort to save these 6 girl puppies from being euthanized at a high kill shelter turned into something special. 

We've affectionately dubbed ourselves "The Criss-Cross Rescue Underground Idiots" because we had no clue what we were doing. Despite our lack of expertise our good intentions did in fact save all 6 puppies. We'd been told the girls had 2 brothers that were adopted out before we came along so over a year later when this dog appeared at the local shelter of the same small town in Kansas we were convinced it was one of their brothers.

Levi frightened and malnourished at the shelter.

This set off our efforts to save Levi. Once again we banded together and with the help of the shelter manager, members to transport Levi from Kansas to Ohio and our collaborative fundraising efforts we were able to save not only Levi but a German Shepherd Dog named Uncle Buck. Buck went on to be placed in a pure breed rescue and Levi was adopted by his foster mom, my friend.

Yesterday the Vet told her that something is wrong with Levi. He'd been off of his food for a bit and has had issues with his weight and protein levels... There is a mass that showed up on an x-ray. It could be a tumor or blood or organ fluids of some type. No matter what it is the vet said it doesn't look good :(

The x-ray also revealed that Levi is full of buckshot. *tears* Yes, some terrible person actually shot him when he was just a pup. He also has scarring on this hind legs where it looks like his legs were cut after being caught in barbed wire or something similar. This has impaired his ability to jump up on his hindlegs properly. For instance he can't jump up onto the bed even though his mom wants him there :(

We are praying that when he receives his ultrasound next week whatever is wrong with him will be easy to fix. We just can't bear the thought that after having such a terrible start in life and having now found a good and loving home, that something bad could happen to him now, now when he's safe and happy.

Did I mention he is the sweetest dog ever? This was the greeting I received from Levi when I flew to Ohio last summer to meet him and one of his sisters.

If you're curious you can read our entire Kansas Puppy Saga on Kitai's Cutest Dog Ever website.

And by the way, if you're thinking of adopting a new pet and are considering getting a dog or a cat from a rescue or shelter? Please do :) For your convenience the Cutest Dog Ever website is full of links to Northern California Shelters and Rescues.


  1. Saying prayers and being hopeful for Levi, poor baby I can't believe someone was that cruel to him!

  2. What a sweet looking guy, I sure wish all the best for him!

    I don't always have an abundance of funds Stacie, but our home is always open and our yard if there is someone furry down here that we can help with.

  3. Levi is home from the hospital. Thankfully the doctors ruled out cancer. YAY. He does have a problem with his intestines not functioning properly. There is a 50% chance that this can be corrected with some meds and diet.

    Keeping our fingers crossed and praying that Levi falls into that group.


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