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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey Ladies! My Boudoir Photos are Back...

Hey Girls! A boudoir photo session of yourself is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift to give to your special someone when you want to give something personal with a little "Ooh la la!" Whether ordering a small album with multiple images or a larger framed piece for your bedroom what could be more personal and unique?

The first two are "cropped" photos from my session. If I know you, and you ask, I might show the rest of them to you.

I know Critsey Rowe because she's a wedding photographer on The Flirty Guide. She did a great job putting me at ease and taking some very tasteful boudoir photos at a session we did earlier this spring. She's going to be back in town from the East Coast in September so let me know if you're interested in learning more about her sessions. You can view more of her boudoir work at www.CoutureBoudoir.com

And thanks to Armando Sarabia at get your DO up! He did my make up that morning. Most of you know that I usually only wear lipstick but Armando went the whole nine yards with foundation, blush, mascara, eyeshadow and even some eye lashes. Woo Hoo.

LOL a couple of my girlfriends said their teenage daughters wear less (clothing) to school then I wore at my boudoir shoot! I will say that I felt my photos were very demure and not too racy.

I knew my hubby would love for me to do a session with Critsey. In fact he was ready to put me on a plane to fly me out to her studio when he found out I'd be willing to do a shoot for him. Hilarious. Anyways as someone once told me, we all just get older and uglier every year. Ha ha ha... I don't know that I agree with that sentiment but it wasn't a bad idea to do a shoot like this now instead of when I'm 80 years old right?

Thanks Critsey for the beautiful photos. My husband really loves them. In fact he wants to make this an annual event. Hmmmm I don't know about every year but every few years would be fine with me if you're available :)


  1. These are gorgeous, Stacie... and I love your hair and makeup. Armando did a GREAT job and so did Critsey! I want to see more! :)

  2. Stacie, you are so gorgeous and one of the most awesome people I know!
    I am so happy your hubby loved the photos.

    I also want to say I think you are so amazingly giving. You are always helping others.

    You rock!!


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