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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

Watch this video. It blew me away. What I loved most about it is that it's the kind of idea that really changes the way people think. The video will make entrepreneurs feel appreciated and hopefully inspire them to take their company to another level. It may also inspire those thinking of following their passion or dream to take the next big step towards making it a reality by starting a business of their own.

The other day I spotted This Post on Mashable.com. It was all about a creative marketing concept utilizing chocolate covered grasshoppers, the video you just watched and 5000 of the most influential bloggers, journalists, celebrities, TV anchors, and CEOs around.

If you're wondering who made the video, that would be Grasshopper.com a communications company that allows small business owners to look like big businesses but at a small business price. IMO the coolest thing about them is that when you subscribe to for a set number of phone minutes per month (10,000, 2,000 or 100) among other features you also receive one to three 800 numbers that tie into your monthly quota at no additional charge. How many of us would love to have an 800 number to offer to our prospective clients?

The Pro: This campaign got people talking. It spread virally via Youtube, Twitter, blogs, social websites and word of mouth. 

The Con: By touting that they sent them to who they recognized as the 5000 most influential people they risked offending those who weren't included in the, um, giveaway.

The Most Brilliant Part: The giveaway item was so unique, and by unique I mean gross, that those who may have initially felt slighted were probably actually relieved not to have received the chocolate covered crispy critters. It was a win/win. If you received them you were recognized as being influential. If you didn't make the list and are a bug lover or vegetarian you were spared the traumatic decision of what to do with them.

Honestly, if someone sent me chocolate covered bugs I'd go out in the back yard to dig a hole and bury the poor things. I'd plant a flower over their grave and give them a proper send off. Perhaps a short eulogy (no headstone, that would be weird) and allow them to rest in peace. Instead of resting in pieces. In my stomach.

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