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Friday, June 5, 2009

Paws in the Park • Kara's Cupcakes @ Santana Row

This is the follow up post about the Paws in the Park Fundraiser at Santana Row last weekend.

Kitai, my hubby and I all dropped by the Furry Friend's Rescue adoption showcase and fund raiser. Earlier in the day there were contests and raffles. To see photos of the winners CLICK HERE.

Readers of the blog know I love Kara's Cupcakes. Well now I love them even more. Why? Because they donated the profits from over 200 Sweet Vanilla cupcakes sold that day straight to the rescue. We bought 4 just to support :P They even made a special version with a little chocolate dog bone atop each one. So cute right?

There were two tents with many pens and dogs looking for their new forever homes. Though they won't adopt onsite at a showcase, interested parties could fill out an adoption application to start the process if they spotted a pup they thought would be a good fit for their lifestyle and home.

There was even a celebrity dog! Though I have to say I thought Rascal was pretty darn cute. Didn't want to tell him that though. It might have offended him since he seems so proud to be ugly.

The dogs were helping out all day. Here a raffle ticket attendant takes a lil' break.

Kitai saw his buddy Morgan. Morgan is the one with the big ears. He as a rescue dog who found his new home when his foster mom failed at fostering. That's what we call people who foster then decide to keep their ward: Foster failures. It's a compliment though and good thing because many of my good and best friends are foster failures. Some have failed multiple times. Gotta love them for that.

This is Morgan close up. Extremely close up. LOL He almost looks like a Doberman in this picture doesn't he?

There were 3 Chihuahuas up for adoption. Actually they may have been Chi mixes but they were all really cute.

And this is Pierre.

Pierre us looking for a new home.

If you're interested be sure to contact the rescue.

The volunteers who made the day possible really deserve a huge THANK YOU! Not just for helping out at Paws in the Park but for fostering many of the dogs in their homes and hosting many adoption showcases each weekend.

And even though this was an event to help other dogs, Kitai wore a Helping Tami button to help spread the word to help humans find bone marrow donors. He's a good little guy that way, always willing to help :)

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