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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmers' Markets • Fresh Produce • Art • Garden • Food

If you live in or near Historic Downtown Campbell you can go shopping from 9:00am to 1:00pm each Sunday right in the heart of Downtown on Campbell Avenue roughly between the railroad tracks and Central Avenue to 2nd Street.

If you live elsewhere in the Bay Area you can check out more Urban Village Market locations at THIS LINK

I don't know about you but when I think of a farmer's market I think of two things: Fresh produce and...

Kettle Corn!

This is the Downtown Campbell Farmer's market. It pops up each Sunday, rain or shine, all year long.

You'll also find cute home decorating items at this particular market with plenty of designers and artisans attending with their wares. Here some really cute tiled end tables.

And if you're looking for local art Downtown Campbell has a plethora of galleries. The Stone Griffin Gallery features california landscape artist Vicki Asp among others.

They also have some cute and whimsical paintings by other local artists. I love this "Wine Country Cows" painting.

I also love this 'Happy Yellow Fish' by Joe Zona. It's an 18" tall x 24" wide original oil on canvas.

There's even a garden vendor who sells live plants. So much for just fruits and veggies!

But of course the main attraction is the produce.

I wish you had been there. You could smell the peaches wafting on the breeze that morning.

And fresh flowers galore. There's always a wonderful purveyor of orchids with prices you just can't beat.

Potatoes of every shape, size and color.

Who doesn't love fresh corn?

Here in California lemons grow like weeds so it almost seems funny to pay for them. Almost every block has at least one lemon tree in it's yard and you can't possibly eat all of them so my experience has always been that most neighbors share.

Imagine using those onion tops to make a broth, season oven roasted vegetables or sliced thinly and added to a stir fry?

And if you've never had fresh soybeans, boiled and lightly salted you should buy some or grow some and try them. They are delish!

Yummmmm Melons

And the yummiest fruit tarts around can be found at Margaret's French Bakery.

There's also a whole block of restaurant type food where you can purchase ready made dishes to eat for breakfast or lunch while you're shopping along with all of the local restaurants and coffee shops.

And maybe only in California you can find fresh, organic, good to go, tofu at a farmer's market. This company, Toofu, also offers fresh matcha soy milk. 

Gorgeous! Doesn't this picture just scream summertime?

A very nice selection of gourmet lettuces.

And gourmet spices from the Spice Hound. I swear they had 5 kinds of salt!

And this is just one of many jewelry design companies who showcase their collections each week in Downtown Campbell.

There's also a Farmer's Market at Santana Row each week as well as the one I most want to some day attend at the Ferry Building Plaza up in San Francisco.

Not sure if you're city has a Farmer's Market? Just do a Google search of the name of your city+farmers+market and hopefully you'll be in luck. I love supporting our local growers and small businesses.

Due to health codes in Campbell your dog is not welcome to walk down the main street of the Farmer's Market but you can walk them down the sidewalks. It's better to bring a friend and your dog if you want to shop. That way your friend can stay on the sidewalk with your dog while you run to the front of each booth to make your purchases. If your pet is in a stroller or carrier then they can be in the street with you. They just can't have their paws on the ground.

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  1. Good job Stacie! The photos are great! I posted a link to this blog post on our little downtown Campbell website so all our gentle readers can appreciate your work!


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