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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Flirty Contest • Name This Bride

Thanks to all who entered! The winner will be announced tomorrow.

If you enter please be sure to leave me a way to contact you so that I can send you the Alliway Earrings Prize. Either leave your name as a url that links to a website or blog with a contact option or you can send me your entry privately and include your email and/or phone number, I'll post your name suggestion here for you and you'll be entered in the contest.

A tropical breeze, crystal blue water and golden sand between her toes... Does she live in Hawaii? The Carribean? The South Pacific? Wherever she lives she needs a name. Can you give her one?

CLICK HERE to enter and leave your name suggestion July 19th-25th the winner will be announced Monday July 27, 2009. I'll be choosing my favorite suggestion this time. Good luck to all!

Straight from Hawaii, the winner will receive their choice of a pair of Lotus Drop earrings by Alliway just by suggesting a name for this bride!

Semi Precious stone selection includes:

Black Onyx
Cherry Quartz
Emerald Jade
Mother of Pearl
Blue Quartz (pictured here)
Dark Green Quartz
Or just plain gold with no stones


  1. ooo fun! :) some of my favorite hawaiian names:

    leilani (heavenly flower)
    pu'uwai (heart)
    maile (a beautiful fragrant plant), malie (calm/tranquil)
    lehua (another beautiful plant and the name of the a beautiful woman in a Pele legend, Pele got jealous and turned Lehua's lover into a gray mishappen tree and the gods took pity on her and changed her into a blossom on the tree so they could stay together)

  2. This flirty girl says her name should be Pearl.

    Her name would then represent what your website is. A gem, a jewel, something precious. And it sounds cute! :)

  3. Noelani (beautiful girl from heaven)

  4. I like Lailie or Malina!!

    The bride is very pretty :)

  5. Love Aliiaha, Anakalia, Kolika, Lena

  6. Maile

    At one time, the maile lei was reserved for traditional use by aliʻi (nobility) and commoners were not allowed to wear this special lei, but today it is the lei of choice for a bride and groom to wear in a Hawaiian wedding ceremony.

    Maile is also a Hawaiian name.

  7. Maybe it's not the most exotic or original, but when I look at her smiling face, I think "Patience", her name should be "Patience".

    Thanks & love!
    :) Candy aka "veganbride.com" !

  8. Hello Miss Stacie!

    Nalani: Meaning HEAVENS
    Miliani: Meaning GENTAL CARESS
    GIGI: Meaning: Just like it!She sounds cute,adorable and beachy!

    Best of luck with your decision! Wendy Pacheco

  9. Adela

    I like these Hawaiian names:)

  10. I think her name should be layla

  11. I'm going to say she's from the Caribbean instead of Hawaii, so how about Rita, like Rita Marley, Bob Marley's wife? :D

  12. I think she looks like a Lily.

  13. I know it is too late but Mylee would be a wonderful name.


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