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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Flirty Food Critic • I'm a writer for the South Winchester News

Most of you know I'm a foodie. I love eating food, taking pictures of food, talking about food and when I have the time, cooking food. On the surface it probably sounds like I have the makings of being a halfway decent food critic. All I can say is hold on there, maybe not, looks can be deceiving.

Blue Sky: Chinese Chicken Salad

Did you know I choose not to eat beef, pork, lamb or bison and am allergic to shellfish and mollusks. I eat vegetarian half the week and hate the taste of mushrooms, eggplant, curry and spicy foods and I don't drink wine or any type of alcohol. I usually just drink water.

So I was kind of surprised when I was asked to write restaurant reviews for a local news blog.


Chevy's: Chips and Salsa

Yup I'm writing the occasional food review about poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes on The South Winchester News blog. It's a news blog that only covers what happens on a single street that runs from San Jose through Campbell to Los Gatos spanning Stevens Creek to HWY 85.

Michi Sushi: Orange Blossom Roll

Another reason I am not an ideal candidate for writing restaurant reviews is because I tend to find one dish I like and stick with it... So once I review the one thing I like at any given location, that's it, I'm done and will have nothing else to say about any other food on their menu in the future.

Michi Sushi: Edamame

I keep telling the editor he needs to find another writer to cover beef, pork and mushrooms as they are all very popular menu items. So far he hasn't been overly concerned with doing so but if you live near South Winchester, eat out a lot and want to do some blog writing (Warning: the compensation can only be described as meager or paltry) let me know and I can put you in contact with the editor.

Restaurant AI: Agedashi Tofu

At the moment I'm not even sure how many restaurants there are on South Winchester but am glad that Santana Row falls into my review zone. Mmmmm I can't wait to start reviewing all of the restaurants there. Some of my favs are Pizza Antica, Straits Cafe and the Pozole at Consuelo.

Restaurant AI: Asparagus Tempura

I do my best not to be negative and to focus on the positive when I dine at each restaurant. Sometimes that can be challenging. Like one time there was a fluke accident and I was cut by a flying shard of glass even before I ordered. I was bleeding though the first part of dinner (and have the pictures to prove it). If I thought accidents like that happened on a regular basis I'd include it in my review but since it was so odd I will spare the establishment being outed in my review.

Togos: #24 Turkey and Avocado

Both Togos and Baskin Robbins are examples of I only order the same thing each time. So once I review the #24 and Mint Chip ice cream, that's it, I'm done and won't be reviewing anything else at either establishment again. LOL unless the editor makes me.

If you want to read the reviews I've posted so far CLICK HERE.

Baskin Robbins: Mint Chip


  1. Stacie - if they hire me to cover the meat portion of the review, I will MOVE back to the Bay Area tomorrow! :)

  2. BTW, I do love your food photos too! :)

  3. Evonne the pay won't even cover the cost of your meals! LOL. But if and when you do move back you would be more then welcome to write with me :)

  4. Stacie... that's OK, I am not doing it for $$$, it's for the love of food photography! :) And we are working on moving back. I threaten my hubby that I'd leave him if we are not back by Dec. 2010! :p

  5. Well in that case you will have a writing position as soon as you want it. We can co-write the food reviews! Looking forward to it :D

  6. It's funny, I told Darren that I "got" the blogging job and he said: "Really, you did?" And I said: "Yeah, but we have to move back to SF right now!" He smiled! Hopefully that will happen soon!


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