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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gabrielle's Bridal Salon and Nicole Lisanne Events

Last week I attended the official Grand Opening of Gabrielle's Bridal Atelier and Nicole Lisanne Weddings & Events by Design in Downtown Campbell, CA.

As I arrived I immediately spotted Robbie Schlosser of the Magnolia Jazz Band and Photographer Fu Chung Wong just inside the doorway.

Guests were asked to dress to match the black and white theme. You know every detail will be attended to when a professional wedding consultant plans the event. It was a fabulous night of good friends, food, dancing and fun. I always enjoy meeting new people and had a particularly fun conversation with a couple I met while hanging out by the donuts.

The gowns were tucked away behind curtains of chiffon so I'll have to go back and visit at a later date to get some photos of the gorgeous couture. This is less then half of the gown styles available. Gabrielle's also offers a small selection of bridesmaid attire as well as shoes and accessories.

This is the sitting area near the dressing rooms and viewing area.

I loved this floral display by Precious and Blooming. The colors were yummy!

One of the three changing rooms.

And Dessert!

Instead of cake or cupcakes there was a veritable donut buffet set up in Nicole's consultation office with all kinds of different bite sized donuts by Donut du Jour in Los Altos, CA.

Consult area above and donut bar below.

So cute!

I took lots of pictures for you.

Mmmmm mini cake, crumb and chocolate old fashioned to choose from.

And tiny Apple Fritters...

From simple to fancy...

There were all kinds of filled donuts to choose from! Everyone said they were delicious! Here's a confession. I didn't eat a single donut! Why? Because since hurting my ankle last month I haven't been able to exercise and I've gained 6 pounds in the past month simply from not exercising! *gasp, gasp, thud* So until my ankle is better and I can walk again I am refraining from all desserts no matter how tempting they are. *sniff sniff* I am planning to make a trip to Heidi's "Donuts du Jour"shop as soon as I'm back to normal though. I only have so much restraint at the end of the day. 

This is the bridal salon showroom. To the left and right were all of the gowns and in the middle some of the couple of hundred people who turned out that evening to celebrate the Grand Opening with Gabrielle and Nicole. Who was in the crowd?

Flirty Videographer Jewel Savadelis and Photographer Michael Soo

Wedding Photographer Claudia Akers and Event Coordinator Katherine Noller-Fernandez. Katherine submitted the two popular ideas for baby parties in the idea gallery. Visit her profile to find out which ones.

Nicole Ha, Duncan Reyes and Orbie Pullen

I didn't get to try these Shrimp Hors d'Oeuvres by Thomas John Catering because I'm allergic to them but they sure looked good!

I love the bar set ups. I love looking at all of the empty glasses neatly arranged.

More then a few people were feeling flirty that night...

I think this photo of Rhee Bevere, Lucie Kubinova Silveira, Gabrielle (center), Ingela Ruschin and Jill Johnson all laughing and having fun says it all. It was an outrageously successful evening that showcased Downtown Campbell as the new, fab, shopping district to come hang out at.

And I loved this stunning centerpiece by Plan Decor.

Look who I found out on the sidewalk: Deborah Moody, David Ethridge, Nicole Lisanne, Sophia the dog, Amy Frugoli and Teri Menchini.

Here Duncan was giving hugs and snuggles to Sophia. Even little Sophia was still out on the dance floor when I headed home.

Thanks so much for the invitation Nicole and Gabi! It was an honor being included at your very special event. Wishing you every success at your new location!

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