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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Weekend Trip to Vancouver, Canada

Here's what I can tell you about Vancouver. If you ever have the chance to go there? GO! I wasn't even feeling very well with my big ol' Frankenfoot and all but my hubby and I went up for a quick trip last weekend so he could hang out with some of his friends. The city is so beautiful and there are a lot of green, glass buildings. All I could think of was the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.

You have to click on the image above to enlarge it. I took 5 frames to recreate the view from our room for you. Gorgeous! I really felt like I was on vacation.

Did you notice the floating house in the center of this photo? I think it would be so cool to live in a floating house. Not so much a boat but a real live house.

Near the waterfront a constant stream of sea planes take off and land because it's a popular form of commuting into Downtown Vancouver.

We were told this was a building often featured in the tv show MacGyver. I never watched it so I don't recognize it. I'll have to ask my Auntie. She was a huge fan.

And we saw the new Luxury Fairmont Hotel and Estates being constructed. I couldn't help but to think of the beautiful view brides and grooms would have of the water if they had their weddings there.

One of my favorite stops was to the cutest toy store called Ped•a•go•gy Toys. They specialize in toys for children ages 0-12 that are developmentally appropriate to the different stages of a child's learning skills. Their inventory has been sourced from across the world and has been selected based on quality, originality and uniqueness. Children even have a chance to experience a selection of the toys in a parent supervised area.

They had a lot of functional and educational toys as well as cute baby items, rewritable t-shirts for kids and more. I bought a knitting tool so that I can make Kitai some knitted winter scarves this year.

The doll at the top center was hand knitted. They had several hand made product lines. I love that. Being a crafty person myself I love the look of handmade items. They often seem to have more character then mass produced objects.

Ped•a•go•gy Toys is located at
424 East Columbia Street
New Westminster, Canada
(604) 395-3459.

After leaving the toy shop we headed to Granville Island. I wish I'd taken more photos but to be honest I was pretty tired from walking around (probably too much as it turned out) so I only took a couple of photos for you. One of the pier while we ate lunch.

And these super cool totem poles in progress.

Later that night we went to the Boathouse Restaurant for dinner. It's a classic waterfront restaurant established in 1981 and what I really loved even more then the excellent view we had was the fact that they were celebrating the "Best of the Westcoast." It's a 2 month event and is their annual celebration with their Ocean Wise & Pacific Salmon Foundation partners. Their menu boasted selections created by using fresh, local, sustainable seafood.

As we walked near the restaurant look what we found... A cupcakery!

I purchased a single "philanthropic" cupcake with some of the proceeds of this one flavor being donated to the BC Children's Hospital.

Cute Branding!

It was vanilla cake topped with orange flavored buttercream frosting. The frosting was that really sugary kind, light, fluffy and sweet.

And this was just too funny. There I was hobbling around Vancouver and we came upon this huge truck for some foot and ankle surgery company. LOL if anyone had been around it I would have asked if I could be their mascot.

And the last thing I did before I left Vancouver was to have the BEST cheese and turkey panini on cranberry focaccia bread that I'd ever had. Oh my gosh I hate when the best food is so far away from home :( I guess I'll just have to go back up to Canada again someday so I can order another.

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