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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barbie Boudoir Photo Session... By Critsey Rowe

One of my favorite photographers recently posted these fabulous boudoir shots on her blog. I know boudoir has become all the rage but I doubt you've seen anything like these. Sexy, glamorous, risque but completely unique and "Ooooh La La!." You can view more Barbie Boudoir photos on Critsey's blog by CLICKING HERE.

I did take some amateur boudoir photos of the "Kira" (Barbie's Asian friend) doll I used for the how-we-met-and-began-dating video John and I made to play at our wedding reception. LOL.

When she arrived in the mail I undressed her, because she was wearing scuba gear, and took some funny boudoir shots of her and emailed them to my hubby at work. LOL

But my shots don't even come close to what Critsey has done. I didn't even comb or curl poor Kira's hair. And her hands weren't positioned properly. I didn't realize that taking pictures like this could be such an art form.

Va va voom in red!

Did you even know they make garters and stockings for Barbie Dolls? I didn't.

And don't forget that Critsey is who shot my couture boudoir photo shoot for me. I did this pose!

And this one too, but I was laying on a glass desk (man it was cold!) with the Transamerica building in the background.

By the way, Critsey is an awesome wedding photographer. You can read more about her on The Flirty Guide by CLICKING HERE.

She is also shoots beautiful Couture Boudoir photos of real people too! You can view more of her Boudoir work by CLICKING HERE.


  1. Stacie,
    I think this flickr group would love to see Critsey's Barbie boudoir images ;)

    And where does one find the Asian Barbie? I didn't know about her and try to offer my daughter a variety of dolls

  2. Hey PhotoGirl,

    I found her online... It was quite the search.

    Just for kicks here's an old blog post I did when I couldn't find one locally: http://theflirtyguide.blogspot.com/2007/07/what-no-asian-barbies.html

    But if you google kira+barbie+doll you will find some of the Asian dolls that I ended up purchasing from some second hand toy collector online.

    Thanks for the other link. I forwarded it to Critsey. I agree that group would get quite the kick out of her work :)


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