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Friday, August 7, 2009

Martini Madness at The Regency Center, San Francisco

It was a very Happy Birthday for Event Designer Duncan Reyes. Fabulous at Fifty, that's what this Martini Madness event was all about!

CLICK ON this image to view the enlargement of this panoramic view.

It was held at the Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center on Van Ness Blvd. Check out the super cool "Onion" architectural piece from Hartmann Studios in the center of the room. It became the dance floor later that evening.

And the lighting was simply over the top! You'll notice the great special effects lighting by  Enhanced Lighting in every picture I took that evening. The wall washes were simply stunning.

And mmmmmmmmmmm check out some of the birthday cupcakes by Cake Coquette!

The man of the hour, Duncan took the stage to say a few words.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE to view an enlargement. Woo hoo the party was well under way when I took this shot.

Asiel Design created these cool lucite photo boxes that were spread across the ballroom atop lit tables.

And the food! Looked fantastic. There were several catering companies that had stations set up. They were: Absolute Barbecue Company, Betty Zlatchin Catering, California Rose Catering & Events, Thomas John Events, Travelin' Joe Espresso Catering.

There were no fewer then 4 of these lit bars/stations set up around the ballroom. Gorgeous right? They were from Hartmann Studios, a special event rental company.

I had about 4 of these little fruit kabobs. The front ones were dusted with seasoning salt and the back ones were just plain melon pieces. Yummmmmm...

And plenty of places to sit. Thankfully since my ankle has been doing better I was able to spend the evening on my feet instead of sitting down.

And there was David Ethridge from A Video Reflection hard at work. I can't wait to see the video he creates of the evenings highlights.

David and I

LOL Jewel Savadelis and I posed with the man on stilts, Bronkar Lee from AEC Marin.

Note my new demi-Frankenboot ankle brace. It's a noticeably smaller one then the original Frankenfoot. Thank goodness!

Clockwise from left: Duncan Reyes and David Ethridge, Caroline Winata, Tony White and Nattie Pierce-Thomson.

And that's Armando Sarabia's gift to Duncan. A custom "Golden Girls" t-shirt +1. Oh my gosh it was so cute and hilariously funny. And that's Armando enjoying a monogrammed cupcake he found later that evening.

The cupcake and cake display was provided by: Cake Coquette, Jen's Cakes and Edith Meyer Wedding Cakes. And that was Spintronix onstage behind the cake and cupcake display.

This was a phenomenal display blending the talents of multiple designers to create this knock out arrangement.

And the photo booth was provided by Dennis Menendez. Here James and Amy Burkart and Armando and I hopped in for a few fun shots. Um, looks like Armando fogot to tell James and Amy he hit the start button. And why am I wearing that hat? And why is Armando wearing my hair? LOL

The night became a blur. There were so many people there I knew that I couldn't possibly say hello to all of them!

And one last parting shot of the ballroom from the balcony. 

As always Duncan created a phenomenal event that showcased the talents of his colleagues and another great wedding venue. I'm already looking forward to the next Martini Madness and this one just happened 3 nights ago. It sounds wrong to say that Duncan is 50 years old, it's for sure that he's 50 years young. It was so much fun! I hope I can be as fab as Duncan when I turn 50 :o)

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