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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Favorite Flirty Wedding Ideas!

Recently I received a message from The Master Cobbler letting me know that they had been receiving steady requests for the Blue Soled Bridal Shoes and wanted to let me know their normal turnaround for the shoes is 2-3 weeks. They've even had brides shipping in their shoes by mail! And some of you have messaged me to let me know that you were thrilled with the job they did. It got me to wondering what are the favorite ideas on The Flirty Guide so I did a quick traffic check and here they are, the top Flirty Ideas so far for 2009:

#1 Flirty Idea: Origami Cherry Blossoms
Because I wanted cherry blossoms at my fall wedding I had to be clever and come up with a fresh flower alternative. These little cherry blossoms were easy to make and a girlfriend helped me with them. After I bought her a margarita. LOL you can read more about how we made them if you Click Here to View the Details. To learn how to make them yourself I've created a photo tutorial that you can use to follow along. You can view the tutorial by CLICKING HERE.

#2 Flirty Idea: Something Blue Soled Shoes
Something borrowed something blue... We all know the adage, but here's a fun new twist. After seeing a photo of a blue soled shoe and learning that Christian Louboutin is no longer producing them, I set out to find out how brides could have the soles of any shoe they buy, made into any shade of blue they want! Click Here to View the Details.

#3 Flirty Idea: Kimono Ribbon Flowers
Who says a bride can only wear white? To be honest I wanted to wear blue but my fiance wanted me to wear a white gown. So I compromised. I wore a white gown with color. The kimono silk flowers were madeby Atelier Kanawa at Etsy.com. The ribbon kimono print flowers were made by me using the book "The Artful Ribbon." Combined they made a dramatic and flirty colorful accent to the back of my white gown. Click Here to View the Details

This photo by: Keith Stattenfield

#4 Flirty Idea: Fancy Handle Bridal Bouquet Holders made of Leaves
These beautiful bouquet holders were designed by Karen Hsu of Grandiflora in Berkeley, CA. They have been a popular idea and Karen has fielded many questions about what types of flowers and leaves comprise the bouquets in this flirty idea. Be sure to check out the comments at the bottom of the page if you're wondering what components she used to create the two pictured here and more. Click Here to View the Details.

This photo by: Claudia Akers

This photo by: Claudia Akers

#5 Flirty Idea: The Flirty Seating Chart
This was such a fun idea and was an idea I used at my own wedding and was without a doubt our guests favorite flirty idea. Rather then dining then walking around the room from table to table we actually spent 7 minutes dining with each table at our reception. Click Here to View the Details.

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