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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weddings at Ambiance Antiques, San Francisco

Last week I was invited by my friend Jewel Savadelis to attend a very special event up in the San Francisco antique district. Ambiance Antiques was hosting an open house because they are now making their space available as a unique venue to brides and grooms for hosting weddings and receptions. The showroom is two stories high with 23 foot high ceilings and graceful archways leading from room to room. Throughout are gorgeous French and Italian antiques that will create a wonderful European backdrop to any special event.

For instance the area featured here below would be beautiful to hold an intimate ceremony in. Thursday evening manager Alex Beltramo hosted a cocktail party with guests wandering from room to room as a live band played in the front of the store and Taste Catering served the most delicious hors d'oeuvres.

Ooh, aah.... A Pair of 4 foot high, 1950's Rock Crystal Chandeliers from Maison Bagues, France hung side by side in two arches. ($140,000 for the pair)

These were my most favorite chandeliers! They were massive and beautiful and simply stunning with the veined quartz crystals. Of the 4 chandeliers I wanted that evening their prices ranged from $3,500 to $140,000. I loved that about the store. There were items at all price points so even though some of the items that struck my fancy were out of my budget, a lot of things weren't.

This piece was 4 feet high and is an 18th century Genovese Chandelier from Italy. ($18,500)

So delicate and dainty! It is the polar opposite of the rock crystal chandeliers above but oddly enough I loved them both. I think I someday need a house with a ballroom as this chandelier would look perfect over a marble floor.

Oh, and I would need some evening and ball gowns from Couturier Colleen Quen to complement my Italian chandelier and private ballroom. A girl can dream right?

Early 1900's French Crystal and Iron Chandelier from France. ($9,500)

This was another large chandelier that would look gorgeous in an entry way or over a dining table. I really love the brown of some iron pieces. There's something about the dark color contrasting with the clear crystals that I find very appealing.

And this reproduction Crystal Chandelier from France was another favorite. LOL it drives my hubby crazy when I say 4 things were all my favorite because in his world only one thing can be your favorite. Isn't it a beauty? I should have asked to turn it on for the photo. It had beautiful colored glass mixed in with the crystals. ($3,500)

I knew it was going to be a great evening as soon as I walked in and Basil rushed up to greet me. What a sweet pup! She warmly greets guests and was happy to have me give her some back scratches when I saw her again later in the evening.

Soon there will be a video with a virtual tour of the entire showroom. That's videographer Matthieu Meynier of MvideoM Productions working hard that night. Matthieu is one of my favorite new friends I made this year. He is so talented as a videographer and utterly charming. I even filmed a cameo for his video. Not sure if I'll make it into the final cut or end up on the cutting room floor but it was fun and I'm always happy to help out a friend.

Edited to Add: Here is the video, enjoy!

The space is also available for photo shoots and an adjoining kitchen is available for rent for private parties, corporate events and weddings. Contact Alex Beltramo at 415-626-0145


  1. Thanks for the great post, Stacie. It was a pleasure to have you at the party. You were Basil's favorite guest!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous venue. I love chandeliers! They make any room look so elegant!

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thanks again for the wonderful open house. LOL I was joking with friends that night I want to divorce my hubby just so we can get married again at your showroom.

    Evonne it's beautiful there! The next time you're in town we should go get pastries again at P√Ętisserie Philippe then walk over to Ambiance Antiques. It's just a few blocks away from the SFDC.

  4. Thanks for the great post, Stacie. It was a pleasure to have you at the party. You were Basil's favorite guest!


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