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Saturday, September 19, 2009

You've Tweeted Me for the Last Time Mark Stagi!

Why unfollow someone on Twitter behind their back? I found the best way to do it is right in front of them, clean and quick like when you rip off a band aid.

Yeah, I did it. I unfollowed photographer Mark Stagi... That's him clutching his heart from the pain of it all the other morning when we met up for a little web 2.0 get together with DJ Rich Amooi.

Well I only did it because he wanted to test out this new website he found called www.Twitterless.com. Gone are the days of wondering who decided to unfollow you on Twitter because this website will tell you exactly who found you unworthy. Or maybe just a little annoying.

With Twitterless and several other programs you can see exactly who abandoned you and, with a little sleuthing, you may even be able to figure out why they did. Was it because you didn't tweet for a month and thought posting 30 tweets in an hour would be a good way to make up for it? Or did you lose 47 followers the day you posted that thing, you know what I mean, about that controversial topic that you knew you probably shouldn't post about?

That morning we were 3 Mac fans just hanging out and talking about Twitter, RSS feeds and blogging. I've found grouping up with colleagues who have similar interests is beneficial to all.

And yes, I will follow Mark once again as soon as he lets me know that his Twitterless is working. I'm hoping that's any day now because even though we're friends on Facebook I kind of miss reading his tweets.


  1. I did have someone contact me after I unfollowed them. It wasn't anything particular abiut why I unfollowed. Sometimes it looks like someone is going to be interesting to follow and it turns out they aren't. Also after you've decided to follow many, many people it just gets to be too much trying to read all of it and a periodic cleanup is needed. Cute experiment!

  2. It worked perfect, now come back and follow me again :)

  3. Yeah Photogirl,

    I've had to do the same periodic cleanup. If you follow everyone who follows you it's impossible to read every tweet :( But I've heard that Twitter likes to see balance between the two figures. Not sure how important that is but I think I'm following back 2/3 of my followers.

    Mark.... I'm baaaaaaaaaaack following you :P


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