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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Cat Safe Carpeted Cat Tree. Huh?

That's our cat Squash sitting on what is now his former kitty tree. Why did our cat need a new cat tree? Because he liked to climb to the top of his 7 foot tree and sleep there. Only problem was that the top was rather narrow and he would FALL OFF OF THE TREE while he was sleeping.

My hubby did not want to get a new cat tree. He thought Squash would hate a new tree. Especially a safer one. My friend Kerri suggested using a harness and bungee cord to keep Squash safe then. This would have been the alternative. LOL can you imagine? A swag hook in the ceiling fastened to this contraption so that if Squash slid off the tree he wouldn't plunge to the ground and injure himself?

I knew it was just a matter of time before he seriously hurt himself especially because when he fell off the other day he landed on his side and not his feet! I said enough's enough and went out to find a safe kitty tree for him. I had three goals for the new tree:

1. The top platform had to have a lip of some type to keep him from accidently sliding off as he slept.

2. It had to be shorter in height so that while on the top platform he could see out of the window instead of having to stare at the wall.

3. There had to be a shelf high enough off of the ground to keep his food bowl on to keep the dog out of it. I went to a LOT of pet shops. I went to Pet's Choice, Pets N' More, Petsmart, Petco, Sams, Andys, Pet People and finally I made my way to Los Gatos to Purrsnickety.

Those of you who live in the South Bay know that Los Gatos is where one can find beautiful, artsy, unique, and usually kind of pricey items in the many shops and boutiques that line North Santa Cruz Ave. So it was partly my fear that kitty trees would cost more there and partly because it was further away that made me not head to Purrsnickety sooner. Once there I made two realizations: Their prices were better then most of the other shops I'd been to and so was the quality of their kitty trees. Within minutes I'd located the perfect tree for Squash.

Here is Squash discovering his new tree this morning..

And there's Kitai, unceremoniously forced to wait outside to give Squash some private time to get comfortable with his new abode.

Happy kitty. And the other bonus is now it's easier to pet him because he's within reach while hanging out at the top of his new tree.

Keep in mind this was his view from the top of his old cat tree if he looked the other way.

And this is his new cat's eye view this morning. Big improvement. He's curled up sound asleep in a fuzzy little grey ball o' fur right now. I think he loves it!

Purrsnickety doesn't have a website but here's how to find them if you're looking for a great cat tree:

100 N Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030
(408) 395-2287


  1. I love that you found the perfect cat tree at a store called Purrsnickety... in LOS GATOS!! That means "the cats"! Too perfect.

  2. I think you meant to say purrfect :)

  3. YAAAY for the new cat tree! He looks very happy in it!

  4. But the cat loved being way high up! And he didn't stare at the wall, he stared out at the room.

  5. Aww he is so cute! What a great story :)

  6. How cool for Squash! He is soooo cute! The cat tree looks very nice and his view is much better now. Hey, I wonder if they make those types of trees for humans. Hmmm?

  7. Please be aware that carpet covered cat products, such as cat trees and especially scratching posts, may contain chemicals such as flame retardants that can cause hyperthyroidism in them.

    It's an issue that research is just bringing to light right now.

    Good luck and thanks for being such a great cat owner...

  8. Thank you for that insight. I'll keep my eyes open for news breaks on this topic.


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