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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Auction Items Needed to Help Robert Yamada

Some of you may be following the progress of 21 year old Robert Yamada who was paralyzed from the neck down earlier this year in a swimming accident. Though he was insured his insurance will not cover all of the medical costs he has accrued since August. Currently he is spending 4 months receiving the care that may enable him to someday breathe, move his arms and walk on his own again:
Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado has earned the recognition as one of the top rehabilitation centers in the world because of the successes of our "graduates". Craig is exclusively dedicated to the specialty rehabilitation and research for patients with spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.
The tab for each month of his rehabilitation is $80,000 dollars and his insurance will only cover the first three months. His family is also renovating their home adding an addition and a lift (elevator) so that Robert will have access to all areas of the house in his wheelchair when he returns from Craig in December.

To help raise funds to help Robert receive the treatment and care he needs an auction is being organized. This is where you can come in. Team Robert is looking for people who are able and willing to donate an item for auction...

They are requesting anything and everything from a time share get-away, week or weekend stay at your cabin, an item or service from your business, computers, bikes, cars, appliances, sports memorabilia, trips, wine, golf packages, golf supplies, TV's, furniture, artwork, electronics like video games or iPods... Nothing is too big or small! Please use your imagination and help to raise some funds to assist Robert in his recovery!

Please CLICK HERE if you can help. Or call Aimee at (509) 714-0980 or Patty at (509) 413-3311 and they will give you more details and tell you how to send your donation or arrange to pick it up if you live in Spokane. Thank you!!!

You can also purchase a "Friend of Robert Yamada" t-shirt or sweatshirt at Eggers Better Meats & Seafood in Spokane, Washington. The profits go to Robert's fund and you help publicize his need whenever you wear yours.

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