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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Caketastrophe at Patisserie Philippe, San Francisco, CA

I have written about Patisserie Philippe once before when I went to hang out there with Evonne Wong before The Knot event earlier this year.

Yesterday I was up in SF and realized I had some free time at the last minute so I called my friend Josie (Who I hadn't seen in about 25 years since High School, gotta love Facebook) and she was free too! So I picked her up and we headed over for a little nibble and some sweets... We both had this smoked salmon and herbed cream cheese sandwich. I wish I could live next door to a restaurant that makes food like this. I'd be there every day!

I ordered the Fig Tart. It was divine. Of course I had to take a picture.

Josie decided to photograph her Pear Frangipane. Photographing pastry should be a pleasure and not as stressful as Josie is making it look. LOL

And then it happened. The restaurant had a steady stream of people grabbing to go orders and others dining in. All of a sudden we heard the collective sound of people screaming "Nooooo" and gasping "Ahhhhhh"... I turned around and saw a man frozen in place holding two plates, one had a dessert on it and the other was empty! After the gasp was dead silence. Everyone was somberly staring at the floor. It took mere fractions of a second for Josie and I to realize what had just transpired. I was saying "that's tragic" and "what a waste" when Josie said: "Quick, go take a picture!"

I grabbed my camera and went to document the Chocolate and Banana Cake carnage that only moments before had been a delectable dessert. As I approached the fallen cake people had begun to scurry to clean it up so I had to work fast.

When I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures the whole place erupted in absolute laughter. I explained the pictures were for my blog which made one woman laugh even harder. Then Josie came and took some pictures with her camera too. Good times.

Anyways this is Josie and I yesterday. We took this picture using my auto-timer and propping up the camera on my leftover lunch box and to go pastry box. They were the perfect height!

The last known picture of us together was at her Birthday when she turned 8 years old. It was great seeing her yesterday. You'll probably be hearing about more adventures with Josie on the blog as we are planning to get together to do more fun stuff in the city :D


  1. Pictures of the chocolate and banana cake carnage? lol. Good job Stacie! (and funny story too) I'll be sure to contact you asap if I drop anything on the floor that should be photographed. Have a SUPER day!


  2. You gals are toooooo funny. So did that guy have to buy another dessert?


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