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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do You Find Blogging to be a Challenge?

For a lot of people blogging is difficult because they say they don't have enough time, they don't write well or they feel they have nothing to say.

My largest blogging challenge isn't ever that I don't have the time or I've run out of things to share with my readers. No, my biggest challenge is furry and grey and weighs around 9 lbs and drools every time he's within a foot of me.

Squash, our cat, always wants to be petted. When I'm typing on my keyboard my hands become vulnerable to not only the typical "Hey I'm a kitty so I'm going to rub my head all over your hands" kind of action a lot of cats try to pull but Squash also drools whenever he's near me or whenever we make eye contact from across the room. LOL

Squash also goes one step further and actually sleeps on my hand, as I'm typing, making it very difficult for me to type quickly or correctly. That's what he's doing in the picture above. Sleeping on my hand!

My main point is that we all have our challenges but we should all keep blogging. I don't let my kitty cat handicap stop me, though I have mentioned in the past that it may effect the quality of some of my posts. You shouldn't let anything stop you either!



  1. That is so cute...kitty's are silly that way. My biggest challenge is not the blogging part of it but trying to follow all of the amazing other blogs I want to read! There's just so many I don't know where to start each day and I don't want to fall behind either. :)

  2. NICE little piece, Stacie. Keeping it short and sweet is a persistent problem for me -- thanks for the reminder. BTW, hearing a bell and (presumably) thinking of food triggered Pavlov's dogs' drooling. Squash drools whenever he catches sight of you, so what's he thinking about? Just wondering...

  3. LOL Robbie. I think Squash adores me (and drools as a result) because I pet him. He loves to be petted. I think he loves to be petted and scratched even more then food. Even though he's technically hubby's cat, since hubby had him for 10 years before we met, he and Squash had a different kind of relationship where hubby would pick him up and hold him, and allow him to lay on his lap when watching tv, but he never really *petted* Squash a lot.

    Wow Born to Be Mrs. Beever, you follow a LOT of blogs! I think you follow even more blogs then I do! And I feel the same way about falling behind. Once you do it's hard to catch up again.

  4. Squash must be related to my Triskit (though they look nothing alike). She finds ways to stomp all over me if I'm sitting in the chair trying to type away at something. If I'm at the desk, she'll make sure to stomp all over the keyboard for attention.

    Perhaps I should let her be a guest blogger one day? :-)

  5. Funny post! My chihuahua corgi mix, Munch, keeps post at my feet while I toil away on the computer. Sometimes I forget he's there and trip over him when I try to get up...

  6. What a coincidence Stacie...I drool when I read your blog!


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