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Friday, November 20, 2009

Enhanced Lighting Takes Plain Walls from Drab to Fab!

What was once a plain white wall in the background becomes a beautiful palette of color with a lit pink flower and stem pattern over a wash of lavender blue light designed by Enhanced Lighting. This is what special event lighting companies can do to transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary space.

Last week I attended a baby shower that had the most fun and flirty color scheme! I loved this centerpiece! Nicold Ha did an outstanding job, as usual, in creating this very unique carousel inspired arrangement.

Nicole used: Nerines (pink flowers at the top), folded ty leaves, yellow billy balls, green dendrobium and pink gerber daisies to create this whimsical centerpiece.

The ribbons were anchored in the gerber daisies and the shorter and longer lengths symbolized the up and down position of the carousel horses with a small orchid or yellow billy ball attached to the bottom of each ribbon.

With just a couple of decorative picture frames, colored ribbons, printed name dessert tags and strategically color coordinated treats, a whimsical and stylish display awaited the guests as they entered the party.
How cute was this tiered cake by Jen's Cakes?

Even the gumballs had a custom sign created by Marizette Paperie. It's little details like the treat name cards that can take any display up another level.

Mini Cheesecakes

White Chocolate Raspberry Bars

The mini Cream Puffs were my favorites!

Another gorgeous centerpiece by Nicole Ha.

And Claudia Akers was there to photograph the event from beginning to end. Notice the splash of fuchsia on the floor and the patterns of color on the ceiling and wall? That's more event lighting by Enhanced Lighting. See what a difference it makes? I can't stress enough that lighting is a key element in creating a designer event. I hope it's an option you are able to have at your next party or wedding.


  1. What a great baby shower for Crystal (at least I'm guessing that's who it was for). Can't wait to see photos... :) Now I know why they needed all those lauhala boxes. :)

  2. Wow! It's amazing how a little light can make the dowdiest venues really vibrant and fun. It can completely transform the vibe of an event.

    The food however was totally inappropriate to serve to babies.

  3. So pretty! Who did the dessert bar?

  4. I believe the dessert bar was designed by Jen's Cakes in San Jose but am still awaiting confirmation as to if she was the only baker involved or if there were multiple companies. I'll post an update when I hear back from her :)

    It was adorable wasn't it?

  5. Hey Stacie! All the desserts were by Jen's Cakes :)

  6. I love the wheatgrass centerpiece! I am thinking of doing something similar for my wedding. What is the grass sitting in/on? I have searched for some type of tray but not having much luck.

  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Sorry I don't know for sure how the florist constructed that piece but my guess would be she covered the growing tray the wheatgrass came in with dried moss. If you use a search engine and search words like wheatgrass+growing+tray you'll find results that will work. Here are the results for a query I did on Google CLICK HERE. As you can see there were many sites that sell black plastic growing trays.


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