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Saturday, November 28, 2009

JSP Treasure Island Location

Recently Philippe Lee, co-founder, owner and lead photographer of Jade Studio Productions, hosted "An Evening of Glamour" at his new Treasure Island warehouse location. From the outside it looks like an ordinary warehouse... But on the inside, it's something very special. It was designed to be a unique photo and video shoot location to be used by the JSP team. But now it's also available to be rented for weddings, parties and special events.

That night Natti Pearce-Thomson, from North American Theatre Technology, created this amazing gobo light display on the front of the warehouse. I wish I had a video to show you because the pattern of light moved and swirled softly and gracefully as guests arrived.

The 8000 square foot space has been transformed into many vignettes, some rooms are intimate and cozy while others are large and expansive. Natti also provided many of the colored wall washes and chandeliers that evening.

Beneath the LED chandeliers by North American Theatre Technology a slideshow of images by Jade Studio Productions played on the wall all evening. Love the colors right?

This red room is an attic nook with an alcove bed. It's perfect for boudoir photography sessions.

This was one of two white rooms. This one had a beautiful shabby chic feeling to it with relief work on the walls and the cozy fireplace.

On the top floor is an enchanted garden complete with a tree and swing.

LOL Kevin Chin made me pose for this shot he took of me. It's funny how sitting on a swing can always make you feel like a little kid again.

Downstairs is this urban backdrop complete with a graffiti covered wall.

The other white room. Normally only the ceiling is draped. North American Theatre Technology draped the walls just for this special evening.

The lingerie show organized by Charleston Pierce was followed by...

A fashion show by Caliber 54...

Cool clothes and hair!

Followed by a very cool, or should I say hot, fire dancing performance by Enfuente Fire Performance.

Yes, hot for sure!

There were several performers using everything from flaming poles to an umbrella frame, balls on chains and a flaming hula hoop. And when the dancers got close you could feel the heat.

I loved the color of the flames with the colored light wall washes and LED chandeliers behind the performers.

What a fantastic performance!

Owner Phillipe Lee and guest

Kevin Chin and Patty Lee

I carpooled over with Kevin which was pretty funny because I was looking for someone to carpool with for the hour drive up to SF from the South Bay. But nobody I knew was driving up that night. As it turned out Kevin offered to drive with me from his place in the city. So we carpooled for about 10 minutes each way. LOL :D I was happy for the company though and had a great time chatting with Kevin on the way to Treasure Island and back.

Linda Hylen, Karen Baba and a friend

As soon as I saw this floral display I just knew that the submerged underwater light beneath the floating orchids was from North American Theatre Technology.

So if you're looking for a very unique venue to rent for your special event be sure to check out JSP Treasure Island. Parking is plentiful and during hot summer months you're pretty much guaranteed a cool ocean breeze coming in off of the bay.

If you are interested in special event lighting like you see here you can visit North American Theatre Technology's website by CLICKING HERE.


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