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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advertising on The Flirty Guide

I often receive advertising inquiries from companies that want to advertise on this blog and/or on The Flirty Guide. Many are inquiries from companies outside of Northern California and even outside of the United States. At this time I am not building a national resource but will hold onto your submission and contact you when this changes and I am able to open up The Flirty Guide to advertisers outside of the Bay Area. Most of the companies listed on the national link are satellite offices of Bay Area companies but a few I'm testing out to create the business model for going nationwide in the future.

For those of you who are located in Northern California I thought it would be helpful to put forth this information so that those of you who are interested can see if your company fits our advertiser's profile:

The Flirty Guide has very specific criteria about the companies who we support and publicize as our advertisers. Please review this list before submitting your company for consideration.

1. You have impeccable business ethics and offer top notch customer service:
The Flirty Guide is looking for professionals who exemplify the highest ethics and integrity in the way they interact with both their clients and their peers. Seriously, if you don't have great ethics or offer great customer service you need not apply.

2. You take genuine pride in the product or service you offer each client:
The Flirty Guide is looking for true artisans. Whether your pricing is moderate to expensive what is most important is that the quality of the product or the level of service you offer or show on your website, in your marketing collateral or in private consultations is equal to the quality of the product or service you will provide to your clients once they hire or book you. To bait and switch is simply unacceptable.

The style of your product or work must also complement the visual aesthetics of The Flirty Guide. If you aren't sure if your product or service is the right fit, please contact me using the form at the link below for consideration.

3. Your business model is owner operated, with yourself as the primary designer, lead or consultant:
My goal is to feature small business owners who are sole proprietors. If as the lead designer or talent you employ an assistant or small staff to support your work that's fine.

What I'm not looking to feature on The Flirty Guide are agencies or multi-ops that employ numerous independent or subcontracted employees, larger companies that represent numerous small businesses or companies that heavily feature mass produced products that aren't their own original designs.

Please note there are many wonderful companies that fit the afore mentioned business models but, with a few exceptions, they simply aren't the type of businesses I have chosen to feature here on The Flirty Guide :)

CLICK HERE to visit this page on The Flirty Guide, view the advertising options and use the contact form to send in your company for consideration.

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