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Friday, December 4, 2009

Free Consultations and Reviews for Friends: Through the End of December

Ah, you know who you are... You've told me you want to get together and ask me about your website, business or a new project you're working on but we haven't yet nailed down a time to meet...

If you want to pick my brain for free or for the price of lunch or a bottle of water... Time is running out. That's right, the day has finally come that I will begin charging for all of the consultations, website and blog reviews, business advice and presentations that I have been giving away for the past few years. There will be exceptions for Flirty Guide Advertisers and non profits who will be offered heavily discounted and/or pro bono options. For all of the details Click Here.

Networking • Guest Speaker • Former Designer • Moderator

The funny thing is that many of you have encouraged and even insisted I do this for years. I hesitated because so many of you are my friends, and who charges their friends to talk to them or to help them? But after assessing how much time I "talk to" and "help" people I realized that the reality is that I have been giving away not just minutes of my time but hours upon hours that sometimes add up to entire work days within a single week. Gulp.

So, it is a combination of factors that led me to this decision. Reasons why include my desire to dedicate myself to The Flirty Guide full time, to continue advocating for other patients in need of marrow transplants even as my cousin Tami recuperates from her transplant, and my acceptance of a Board position with the new nonprofit Wish Upon a Wedding.

There will be standard rates and three consultation options. CLICK HERE to reveiw them with pricing.

Option #1 Three days a week I will be available for in person consultations at 11:00 AM.

Topics most often requested are:

• Better Blogging
• Branding
• Business Ethics
• Business Model Development
• Conflict Resolution
• Facebook
• Live Networking
• Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Networking
• Web Design

If the fee is out of your budget or the 11:00 AM designated time doesn't work for you, there is another option.

Option #2 I will be offering a "walk and talk" get fit option two days a week from 7:00-8:00 AM. The cost of this walking and talking consultation will be heavily discounted over 65% from the consult at 11:00 AM. Not to worry, I'm no speed walker. I just want to get some fresh air and exercise. This option is only available in the South Bay and only at specific locations.

Option #3 For those who don't have the time to meet in person, phone consults will also be available at various times.

So if you still want to grab coffee or lunch and pick my brain a bit about a project you are working on, by all means give me a call right now to schedule a time to get together! These rates won't go into effect until January 1st so there's still time to get together at no charge and chat. :)

Photo Credits:
Second image of Stacie by Duncan Reyes • Fourth image by Chung Li


  1. Hi Stacie,

    Yes, it's about time, and after our many conversations, I'll attest that your advice and opinions will still be worth lots more than your fee. But thanks for all the freebies, and I've been glad to reciprocate.

    And thanks for your wonderful blogpost last Saturday. By the way, we recently spoke about Michael Gerber. Here http://www.biztechday.com/category/video/ is a 16-minute link to (part of) what I hear him speak about recently at BizTechDay. Be sure to catch the event next year.


  2. Hey stacie great job as always i follow your blog religiously keep it up


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